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Journal Chacham's Journal: Nonsense: LCSNA insert specifically a photocopy 8

So, i received the latest edition of the Knight Letter from the Lewis Carroll Society of North America (LCSNA) and with the usual TumTum Tree insert was a questionnaire.

The back of the questionnaire states the address to send the survey to, and the following note:

Note to fanatical collectors: This is deliberately a photocopy, and not part of the Knight Letter.
Please send it in. If you want to photocopy it for your records, be our guest.

Precious, just precious. :)

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Nonsense: LCSNA insert specifically a photocopy

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  • I mean, isn't a photocopy of the original better to a collector than a photocopy of a photocopy? I'm just sayin'...
    • by Chacham (981)
      So, of course, we'll have to be sneaky and submit the photocopy of the photocopy.

      Then he can spend an entire issue philosophising how he detected each generation of photocopying, and tell us how Lewis Carrol invented photocopying, or knew the original photocopyist.

      Hmm... i shouldn't be that sarcastic. Heh.
      • So, of course, we'll have to be sneaky and submit the photocopy of the photocopy.
        • by Chacham (981)
          Are you thinking what i'm thinking ben?
          • Unless you're wondering what parameters for an Izhikevich neuron (with an RC dendritic filter) would allow one to reproduce both physiological and behavioral data in the rat.

            I don't get the Knight Letter, and although I appreciate Lewis Carroll and his many fine contributions to mathematics, I'm not a member of LCSNA, so we're probably not on the same wavelength here.

            Unless you were indeed contemplating the Izhikevich neuron, what were you thinking?

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