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Chacham's Journal: Nonsense: JE 144000 2

Journal by Chacham

I was aiming for 144000 but it only came minutes after 143999 which itself came more than a few minutes after 143998, not quite 14400 (or 28800 or 1, but eh (Taco got 4, but was a potty-mouth already)).

I do remember borrowing an external 14400 from someone i worked part-time for (i'm pretty sure that's what it was) and thinking it was so cool.

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Nonsense: JE 144000

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  • by ncc74656 (45571) *
    I tried snapping a picture of the odometer in my car when it hit 31337 miles. Since I was on the freeway doing 70-75 mph at the time and I was using a really crappy camera phone, it didn't turn out too well. :-|
    • by Chacham (981) *
      Heh. That's worth a good chuckle. :)

      I'm over 118,000 pushing for 119,000, so i'm a bit too far along for that. :P

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