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Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Mental Maturity 2

Journal by Chacham

Revisiting the issue asked in What is maturity?, i was wondering this issue yet again.

Well, i'm decided that it work alongside Keirseyan temperamant. Keirsey's theories are on how the four types of people react with the world, and that would work with maturity, since maturity is how a person reacts with the world. Right?

I asked an Artisan (SP) what maturity was. He said being tempered. As we grow we go through situations that temper us, each teaching us how to ask, and making us stronger.

I (think i) asked a Guardian (SJ) and was told "responsibility". When a person does what he should, simply because he should, and does not shirk responsibility he is mature. They teach us this in school, of course, since schools are by Guardians, for Guardians, and most teachers are Guardian.

I asked an Idealist (NF) the loaded question if he thought maturity was empathy. He responded with something like "it's 'we' not 'me'". He sort of agreed. Idealists live in their own world and think much of their own personal experiences. Accepting others as the same is a learned trait. Though, i'm not as confident on this one; perhaps an Idealist will chime in.

I asked a Rational (NT) (myself) what maturity is, and i thought objectivity, as i mentioned in the earlier JE.

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Verbiage: Mental Maturity

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