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Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Assembly before C. 22

Journal by Chacham

Someone asked me about learning C++. I told him to start with Assembly, not to learn it for use, but to learn everything it does and then move onto C. Someone had told me to do that, and i agreed. Just truly understanding CS/DS and how control structures actually work with loop and the compare flag, or near calls, far calls, and the interrupt table, gives a true appreciation for what is actually going on.

What also amazes me is that C is only some tens of instructions. Everything else are just functions made from those keywords.

I still like VB though. I want to know Assembly and C possibly much more than i want to use it.

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Verbiage: Assembly before C.

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  • So much nicer than OO for actually doing stuff. The API is amazingly well designed, it is obvious that a lot of thought went into making an API that flexible and expandable.

    Besides, finding a reason to nest snprintfs inside of each other is just too cool. :)
  • LISP from an academic point of view to make you a better programmer...

    Assembly for the same reason... code on any platform code for windows platform only


    for script'n like a hoochie mama on the server
    might throw in Tk or the like if you are into GUI stuff..
    • C..enough to crash machines
      Assembly (forgot it ALL after the final exam)
      ruby, enough to make cutesy things...
      python enough to mangle text files
      perl scares the crap outta me
      tk.enough to make some cute gui with ruby

      lisp..I tried to wrangle...failed miserably
      (can I blame it on my parents? both technologically challenged.)
    • Interesting assesment. :)

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