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User Journal

Chacham's Journal: Noone wanted mod points? 7

Journal by Chacham

Well, last weeks I had points, and I offered them to anyone posting something normally. One person responded and got the point. The other four points dissappeared. I guess that was an interesting experiment.

As for the 4 millionth (numbered) comment, I found 4,000,001, but not 4,000,000. It seems that you need the story in order to also see a comment.

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Noone wanted mod points?

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  • by turg (19864)
    Most of the people posting to and reading journals seem to post primarily in journals where it isn't necessary to get moderated up in order to be seen. My only post to a "real" article during your offer was modded up to +4 anyway so I didn't need it.
    • And here I thought people wanted a karma of 50. Oh well.
      • Karma doesn't matter anymore. I have "excellent" karma, whatever that means. I just know it's somewhere between 25 and 50. Since I can't see it anymore (although if I thought really hard I could figure out where I am), I really don't care.

        But that's another thing too... you should be reading posts on threads which you know something about. If I were allowed to moderate (which I'm not yet), I would be moderating threads where I had a right to dub something "insightful" or "informative." I don't think I'd have a hard time with "funny" anywhere though.... But that's just because I'm not a nerd. (Oops, cat's out of the bag... I may never get to moderate now....) If you are a bonafide nerd, just take your mod points and give them to people who deserve them, not necessarily your friends.

        • If you are a bonafide nerd, just take your mod points and give them to people who deserve them, not necessarily your friends.

          Usually, but not always.

          Except for this once I have always done in appropriately.

          Currently, I dislike the karma obfuscation, so right now, I don't respect the system too much anyway. So I don't mind slight abuses like only giving to "friends".
      • Heh. I'm way over where 50 would be anyway, thanks to a steady stream of trolling... Thanks for the point last time, though :)

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