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Comment: Grave misconception (Score 1) 77

by Ceriel Nosforit (#47491323) Attached to: Drone Search and Rescue Operation Wins Fight Against FAA

...clearly operating to the benefit of society (as opposed to purely commercial drone use)...

Is this some kind of anglo-american thing? Over here the reason commercial entities get tax breaks is because they should be operating to the benefit of society. Economic speculation and other short-sighted ventures are tolerated as the exception and not the norm of society.

Comment: Re:Ridiculous! (Score -1, Flamebait) 588

by Ceriel Nosforit (#47461011) Attached to: Marvel's New Thor Will Be a Woman

I was going to mod the lot of you ignorant mouth-breathers as flamebait but instead I have decided to educate you.

[Thrymskvida] is one of the best known poems from the Poetic Edda

Thor is primarily an asar deity and he'll be a she if it damn well pleases him. Marvel representing Thor as a female in other adventures than the one in the Edda is far, far from being unprecedented.

Comment: Re:You can tell they are extremists (Score 1) 92

by Ceriel Nosforit (#47392055) Attached to: Rightscorp Pushing ISPs To Disconnect Repeat Infringers

A reasonable, sane person would demand limiting a pirate's bandwidth; not disconnecting them completely.

A reasonable, sane person would demand that we do nothing, because this sort of draconian enforcement is disgusting.

A reasonable, sane person could choose to do these among many things, being reasonable and sane.

I mean to say that if a sane person did support draconian enforcement for some disgusting reason then they would not take it to an extreme.

Comment: Re:NSA: Stop Spying on Americans (Score 1) 74

I have a more devilish advocacy for you.

This is a solid way to get evidence for a court case if you can get a foreign country to recruit your loyal. It's not exactly a double-spy spiel (hah!), but sort of a one-and-a-half one.

You just have to get the courts to play along, so that your guy who is actually a patriot becomes a traitor in name only. Perhaps establish a penal colony on some tropical island. Get three witnesses like this and you have some very specific, irrefutable things to accuse a nation of.

Comment: Re:1990 called (Score 1) 104

The '90s didn't have indoor position tracking, like Philips seem to say they have.

I'm into this. Maybe. Depending on the resolution of the positional data. If the luminary is also a coded aperture projector then with compressed sensing techniques the obtained resolution could be very high indeed in both time and space.

If that's not what they're doing, give me money and I'll get it done. :p

Comment: Re:Attribution (Score 1) 86

by Ceriel Nosforit (#47363343) Attached to: Western Energy Companies Under Sabotage Threat

Iran? If they start work at 8:00.

Iran 46 Saturday-Thursday 8 and 6hours Thursdays


Well well well!

Israel: Sunday-Thursday, 8.5h
Russia: Monday-Friday, 8h
United Arab Emirates: Sunday-Thursday, 8h
Saudi Arabia: Sunday-Thursday, 10h

China: Monday-Friday, hours unlisted.

So the short-list got shorter. Here I was thinking everybody worked the same days.

Usual business hours in Russia:

Banks 8am or 9am-5pm or 6pm Mon-Fri

Offices 8am or 9am-5pm or 6pm Mon-Fri


Russia has no shortage of enemies who might false-flag them, but the short-list is still manageable. Dragonfly probably won't be able to move much without being attributed.

Threat-level: minimal. Political gun which can not actually be used.

Comment: Re:Attribution (Score 2) 86

by Ceriel Nosforit (#47360429) Attached to: Western Energy Companies Under Sabotage Threat

No, it would not... Government bureaucracy so rigid that we can have much better guesses than that. We should be able to eliminate most countries in this range, and their enemies to accommodate false-flag ops, and subtract according to capability. You get a short-list and then you just wait for the smoking gun.

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