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She's a horrible cunt who lied...

That may not be truthful. There's a consensus building that she and her allies genuinely believed in their policy. That doesn't speak well for her competence but at least her integrity isn't under as great a scrutiny.

So, it's an old familiar foe called Ignorance that we keep on fighting, instead of some malevolent conspiracy.

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by Ceriel Nosforit (#46130393) Attached to: In an Age of Cyber War, Where Are the Cyber Weapons?

Not between everybody's ears... Polymorphic shell code was spreading in the 90s and since then the researcher has moved far beyond. Most recently a single binary blob which hooks into wildly different embedded operating systems and even architectures was presented openly to the public. The most frightening thing about this current situation is that the NSA turned out to be an industrial-scale bottom-feeder instead of at the forefront in the field. Their lack of sophistication must be why they have resorted to attacking instead of defending.

Attack is much easier than defence. The industry though the NSA was engaged in defence as per their charter as written in US law. There is a huge deficit of security compared to traditional business estimates, as is evident by the norm of routine dismissal of alarming information as the delusions of paranoid conspiracy theorists, who have since been vindicated by Mr. Snowden.

Security has palpable economic value. Deficit in security is a deficit in economic potential. Because of this it appears as if the NSA has been engaged in economic warfare against the entire global economy. Huge engineering projects should be put on hold while the SCADA industry rectifies a culture of negligence, but they are forced to endanger eg. people living near hydroelectric dams since they are unable to suddenly provision the budget needed for security. - The NSA and its ilk took this, the tax-payers' money earmarked for defence, and used it for their... what should one call it, evil?

All because they failed to recognize and recruit talent, idiotically opting for buzz-cuts over sandals. - They persist at trying to use primate social instincts to validate fields of expertise far outside their own. We are fortunate that Stuxnet and its predecessor were the best this culture could achieve.

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