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Comment Re:Nothing to do with Climate Change (Score 2, Interesting) 141

There is a link to climate change. The solution to the ozone problem is a proof that we can do it.
Now I am not saying that waning off from CO2 dumping is going to be as relatively easy as CFCs, but it is at least as important.

Sulphur is a similar proof that global cooperation can fix damage done to our atmosphere.

Comment Re:Great marketing (Score 1) 392

There are many cars sold without the option for such features. Do you say those cars have a below minimum feature set? Of course not. Offering it as an optional extra is reasonable, considering the price.
Note: Volvo should be clear about the fact that it is not included in the default model.
I feel this is a stunt from a competing car manufacturer to sling imaginative mud on Volvo, although the feature (if installed) should not stop working when the user steps on the accelerator. That's just idiotic. The computer can overrule that signal easily.

Comment Re:Someone Please Provide a Better Explanation (Score 1) 392

If that is the correct action then the system should do so. It should also take a picture of the license plate of the idiot who cut you off and ask whether the owner of the car that just prevented an accident wishes to automatically register a complaint for reckless driving (with complete and comprehenisible traffic situation data like a short animation with car location data, a short movie clip and GPS data).
Because, well if that is the correct action then the idiot who did it would be cutting you off.
If collision can be avoided by releasing the accelerator and matching the speed of the car who just switched lanes in front of you then the system should do so. As any decent adaptive cruise control system would.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 128

Also, silica doesn't require or create toxic chemicals by working with it, had you bothered to read my statement, you'd see that its the doping agents that make the silica actually do something other than not conduct electricity that come with all the toxic effects.

Doping agents like Phosphine and etching fluids like hydrofluoric acid. Yes. Very nice stuff.
You can handle them safely but it requires attention to detail from everyone: engineer that designs the system, the mechanic that welds the double walled piping, everyone that can acces the valves, the controller that sees the notifications and everyone that can see a potential problem.

I have designed such tubing systems.

Comment Re:Computers Kill Trees (Score 1) 128

For the highest carbon sequestration we should plant trees with wood that sinks in salt water and then dump the wood in a deep part of the ocean. The wood would sink to the bottom where it does not rot and thus does not release the CO2 to the water.

(some checking by an actual researcher in a relevant field required)

Comment Re:"Up To" (Score 1) 69

Rider movement is eliminated by calculating the second integral from the acceleration. That gives you the difference in location. You then average the position over a couple of seconds (as an filter for the user movement) and then you compare it with different possible tracks. The track that has the highest match score wins.
If you have multiple possible tracks you use the average data of multiple days to get a better accuracy for daily commutes. The right track will next to always increase in score.

To me the hardest part would be the comparison of the track and the relative position data, and that is only hard to me because right now I don't feel like spending an hour of googling on how to do it because it is a solved problem.

Comment Re:They're missing the point... (Score 1) 278

If I wanted to go to to Mars I would strongly prefer to die AFTER I was able to build a working colony there.
Identifying and countering the dangers helps to get some productive years out of your astronauts. The fact that many would go on a one way trip there does not mean that most of those would like to die soon there. I hazard a guess that most would like to live a lifetime there.

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