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If you want inflation protected 100% guarranteed savings, buy the inflation protected T-bonds. I maintain my savings in mutual fund and stock accounts, with only enough liquid assets for a 3 month long emergency fund. I have a mortgage, my wife has student and car loans. We are middle class with a normal amount of debt. Inflation decreases the size of our debt over time, while having no impact on salary or savings. So considering a typical inflation that's 5%, or more normally way less, what's the problem again?

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by CensorshipDonkey (#44554521) Attached to: Larry Ellison Believes Apple Is Doomed
Coolness has been less of a factor for a while. The iPad was far and away an excellent piece of hardware. It was the first time I started to think we could really use the "third device", instead of thinking that the three-device paradigm was a corporate marketing scheme. There is a lot to be said for well executed tables for content consumption (different than those for productivity). The iPad was fantastic, and its hardware and OS excellence is what opened the consumer market. Advertising and coolness got more attention, but the product itself closed the deal. If they can continue to make the best hardware around, they have a sound business strategy.

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by CensorshipDonkey (#40983897) Attached to: Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard Switches Compared
I found this very interesting. I work on a Model M at work, and a Das Keyboard with the Cherry MX Brown switches at home. I was always a little disappointed in the Cherry switches, they feel slightly "gritty" or not as snappy, as the author of this article found as well. My next keyboard is likely to come from Unicomp now that you pointed it out!

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