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Comment: Re:My back hurts (Score 1) 274 274

Yeah. I did some charity work recently that involved standing mostly still for two days. It took over a month for my knees to recover enough that I could walk without limping again.

Standing still fucking hurts. Stand up meetings hurt, let alone a full day in the office.

I can sit in an office chair on the other hand for 70 hours in a week with no ill effect. I shuffle a LOT, which spreads the load and stops repetitive strain.

Comment:'s the LAW! (Score 1) 344 344

So I'm going to have to stop playing ?

The company behind that game do state that they aren't publishing plans, and you couldn't build a firearm based on their game, but it's easily got enough information on how designers went from breech loaders to fully automatic that I could translate into a functioning system.

I just don't own a lathe or CNC..

Comment: Re:printing more money (Score 1) 1196 1196

The bit that I don't get is why the Greeks don't create a new currency (call it the Geuro) peg the exchange rate at one Geuro to 400 billion Euros, print one note, hand it to their creditors and _then_ let the currency devalue.

Anybody asking to exchange it for the 400 billion Euros just needs to find someone with 400 billion to exchange - i.e. not the Greek government.

You could argue that it's effectively a default, but in the event of exiting the Euro it's a nice way to finish with a big 'fuck you'.

Comment: Re:Does Uber need executives in France? (Score 1) 330 330

in Pennsylvania you can't have your auto rates increased by filing claims

Why is that? Is there legislation preventing this?

If I file three no-fault claims because other people hit my car from behind, and my next door neighbour files no claims at all, my premium will rise and his will not.

This is because the insurance company has identified that I'm more likely to be involved in an accident, and that makes me a higher risk.

What excludes Pennsylvania from this logic?

Comment: Re:Are we too quick to act on social media outrage (Score 1) 371 371

Who, aside from racists, would find them funny?

The rest of us.

See, we already live in an enlightened society. We don't find racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or other bigoted speech acceptable.

We do however find racist, misogynistic, homophobic and other jokes funny. You forgot the disabled, jokes about the events in Tunisia on Friday and jokes about the bus crash in Belgium this morning.

It's called humour. Maybe you lack it, but you can go fuck yourself if you want the rest of us to abandon it.

Comment: Re:Are we too quick to act on social media outrage (Score 1) 371 371

Let's state five basic facts;:
Someone is not racist if they tell a racist joke.
Someone is not sexist if they tell a sexist joke.
Someone is not a homophobe if they tell a homophobic joke.
Jokes at an after dinner speech are not inappropriate.
Hunt's comments were taken out of context.

Do try and join society instead of trying to oppress it into some narrow minded thought policed travesty.

Comment: Re:Statements taken out of context and manipulated (Score 1) 371 371

Which part of what he said do you disagree with?

Do you disagree that men fall in love with women at work?
Do you disagree that women fall in love with men at work?
Do you disagree that some women cry when receiving criticism of their work?

I'm happy to discuss constructive approaches to working through these challenges but you don't appear to agree that there are even challenges to work through?

Comment: Re:Pre-ordering (Score 1) 223 223

Your friends may have moved on just as you're getting into a game and looking for a group.

My friends are roughly my age, and we all earn enough to play new games without worrying about the cost.

We're all also sensible enough to recognise that the cost isn't justified, so we're all running several months to several years behind the curve, and tend to migrate to the same games at about the same time.

Sucks for online multiplayer games, works beautifully for co-op, isn't terribly relevant for single-player games. But we're all too old and slow for online FPS anyway.

Comment: Re:Pre-ordering (Score 1) 223 223

Pre-ordering is the only way that you can get special editions (i.e. the Pip-Boy edition being released this week).

If it's a physical special edition with a limited run of trinkets, statues or books that you want, sure.

If it's a digital special edition with in-game artefacts designed to drive pre-sales and segment the player base, fuck you for supporting that piece of shit business model.

Comment: Re:fewer and fewer... (Score 2) 136 136

I pity your blinkered view of gaming.

I'll get on with working through my backlog of high quality PC games with gameplay experiences to match anything released historically and often graphics and sound that are far better.

Console ports are lazy and don't represent the high-end of PC gaming, but that doesn't negate the other options available, whether it's indie games that match the AAA games of just a couple of years ago, the AAA games that fully exploit PC capabilities or the esoteric games that reach a market previously unavailable and genuinely do different and interesting things.

Golden age of gaming? Maybe, maybe not, but I've never had access to so many such high quality games before.

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