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Comment Re:This is a nonsequitur (Score 1) 412

Not sure where you live that renting a car or hiring a mover is staggeringly inconvenient though.

I'm going to a wedding in another city on Saturday. It's too far for the average electric car to take me.

To rent a car I'd have to either rent it the night before (great, losing an hour of my Friday evening) or get to the wedding late (car hire place doesn't open until 9am on a Saturday).

I'd also have to keep it hired until Sunday, as I can't return it last thing on a Saturday.

Plus of course I can't get to the car hire place without driving or hiring a taxi. Not to mention I'm now having to stay sober enough on Saturday night that I can drive on Sunday morning.

Then there's the paperwork. I fucking hate paperwork.

Instead what I'm going to do is walk 12 yards from my house, get into a very comfortable car that's fun to drive, switch on the pre-programmed radio and drive to the other city.

Sounds convenient to me.

Comment Re:Can I predict mine though? (Score 1) 66

I had this issue with a cancelled VISA card. It was even a recurring payment that was at one time legitimate.

I merely told the card provider that I had closed my account and if they wanted to keep giving money to that vendor then it was their choice as it was their money, as I'd clearly informed them that I was closing the account and that they shouldn't accept any payments on my behalf.

No idea whether they stopped the payments, but they did stop trying to bill me for them.

Comment Re:There's an old curse (Score 1) 573

This could be something as small as a diplomatic tiff, maybe expel a diplomat or two; they could impose some kind of economic sanctions on them (not sure what the level of trade or cooperation there is between Russia and Turkey); or, most severely, retaliate in kind.

They've already withdrawn a diplomatic visit, they've withdrawn military cooperation (even to the extent that they had it) and there's a big push to damage the Turkish tourism industry through reducing Russian visitors. That's just today.

What'll be more interesting is if Turkish aircraft fly over Syria. Looks like the Russians are going to treat that as a hostile act - to Assad, if not to themselves - and probably look to shoot them down.

Could well be that Turkey's just inhibited their own ability to support the Turkmen 'rebels' and to conduct operations against the Kurds.

Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 781

When you are discriminated against because of your gender, some cunt is being sexist.

Why is that so hard for you to accept?

I have no confirmation bias. I don't recognise this bullshit male privilege nonsense that feminists keep bleating on about. I sure as shit don't benefit from it. You'll have to forgive me for working for my own success, despite fighting against the multiple ways in which society disadvantages me, whether on gender or other grounds.

Comment Re:He she said (Score 1) 573

The downing of the plane is a nice precedent making it easier to down NATO planes once they fly over Syria and bomb or supply the 'wrong' side.

Taking into account the overflight occurred twice, that's a whole four km of Turkey being flown over.

This wasn't a perceived defensive move, this was aggressive posturing. Ironic that it's someone else doing that to Putin though.

Comment Re:Still wondering (Score 1) 573

If, as the article states, the Russian pilots came down in Syrian territory, then why should we believe they were flying above Turkeye?

Crashing four kilometres from the border leaves plenty of room for doubt.

Further this incident gives Putin the possibility to start downing the French, German, Britain planes within Syria.

Not remotely. If he does, that's going to result in a very rapid reduction in Russian air power.

The only thing I anticipate 'The Allied Forces' to do is bomb the hell out of Assad's infrastructure and military facilities.

What the fuck does Assad have to do with this? Why would you bring him into it? Are you talking complete shit?

Just like what happened in Syria. 'The Allied' got permission to establish a no-fly zone and took the opportunity to destroy pretty much the whole irrigation system that Ghaddafi had installed.

Ah. Yes, you are.

Comment Re:Some innacuraties (Score 1) 573

I hope NATO will stay out of this. If they start a WW3, I desert. I won't fight or even pay taxes for islamists.

If the Russian aircraft was invading Turkish airspace, despite multiple warnings, then Turkey was acting within its rights.

If that leads to Russia attacking Turkey, Turkey will request NATO support. At that point I hope to hell NATO steps up and provides that support, because otherwise WWIII will kick off, and in earnest.

What's interesting right now is where the Russian aircraft was when it was attacked.

Of course, since Russia invaded Crimea and Ukraine my general feeling is "fuck 'em", although since I admire the Kurds and their general approach to life I'm not exactly supporting Turkey either.

Let's organize this thing and take all the fun out of it.