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Comment: Re:I have an even better idea (Score 1) 304

by Cederic (#48898233) Attached to: Government Recommends Cars With Smarter Brakes

Plane: We're talking about commuting here. And good luck getting on a plane nowadays as an adult without a license.

I've never used my driving license as ID for boarding an aircraft. Other forms of identification are available. Do you really think that people that don't drive also never fly??

Trains can take you between towns, not just across them.
Snow does not preclude bike riding.

Other than for commuting, taxis are cost-competitive to car ownership in the UK. They're frequently less convenient, but not more expensive, especially if you live in an urban location that lets you use public transport for a proportion of your journeys.

I appreciate you're playing devil's advocate but the barriers to not owning a car aren't insurmountable, even in the US. As someone else in the thread suggests, learn to drive safely or move to New York.

Comment: Re:Shorter card (Score 1) 114

You mean like the one I use on my PC? I call it a controller, but that's because I perceive a gamepad to have no analog thumbsticks.

It's the joy of a PC. I can use keyboard and mouse for strategy, FPS and RPG games (online / MMO / offline or otherwise), use HOTAS for flight/space sims, use a wheel or a controller for driving games and just use the mouse for Hexcells.

Or combine options. For Saints Row III the keyboard and mouse gives me the control and precision I want for moving around on foot, then switch to the controller when I'm in a car or aircraft.

But then, I've been using peripheral controllers of various forms for gaming with keyboard based programmable computers since before they came with a mouse...

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