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Comment Re:Deniers are too stupid to read -- prove me wron (Score 1) 661

It's not. All those fossil fuels, and we're just starting to burn them, have been living biological stuff before. Before they were, the C they contain was in the atmosphere as CO2.

Different kind of Carbon which is how we can tell the increase is from fossil fuels. You might also want to think about the difference in timeframes. It took millions of years to remove the carbon, but we have replaced it in less than 100 years.

Comment Re:LOL ... (Score 1) 367

I want people to be successful and find their own paths to happiness in life.

And there is nothing about providing a free education for everyone interferes with your plan or theirs. In fact, providing resources for everyone, such as education without cost to them, makes for more happiness instead of less. There was nothing in geekoids presentation about making people get an education or saying which education they had to get. Your argument fails.

Comment Re:LOL ... (Score 1) 367

I've said for years the real money lies in being a welder, plumber, or an electrician.

Only until the market gluts. Once there are enough people then there will be too many and the jobs will drop in wages. The article says that 200,000 jobs go unfilled, but if 1,000,000 people were available then the jobs would pay crap. It's the way the market works. Supply and demand.

Comment Re:sugar (Score 1) 703

Very few places will suddenly lose all value. They will just lose value for farming a specific crop. It may case a crop change, or change to ranching, or perhaps natural gas fracking...

Inhospitable desert land is so the rage these days. Everyone wants to live in the desert. Wait. No, they don't. You do realize that the closer you get to the poles the less land area exists for people to live on. This means less land area for people to live and for people to grow food on and for people. You also don't seem to consider, like most, the economic costs of turning that land into useful places for people to grow. How much would it cost to turn the forests of Canada into farmland and living area? Imagine trying to fit 630,000,000 people, the populations of the United States/Mexico/Central America/Caribbean, into the land of Canada. Do you think Canada, or Greenland, will be interested in just welcoming all the displaced people into their national borders? Of course, I'm sure that everyone will just cooperate and say come on in. Or will they say we don't want your kind here and say no. What ya gonna do then? Invade? Become an illegal immigrant? Tell me again who the cost of making changes now will be more expensive and less conflict causing than changing our habits now.

Comment Re:Shades of Blake's 7 (Score 1) 401

You won't have any trouble getting your fill then. The vast majority of sci-fi is depressing, dark and dystopian. The great thing about Star Trek, at least with TOS and TNG, was the optimism, but DS9, Voyager, Enterprise and every movie except The Motion Picture and The Voyage Home were simply more war movies in space. Just like 95% of the sci-fi available now.

Comment Re:Rant against the cloud on youtube? (Score 3, Insightful) 549

I'll go a step further.. Is ANYbody stupid enough to believe anything this GOVERNMENT says??

Your entire rant is based on the premise that the Bush adminstration was so much better. They started the secret surveillance, but Obama gets the blame because he is still using it. Do you not see the cognitive dissonance here? I sure do.

Comment Equivalent Meanings (Score 1) 434

I think a major problem when discussing science versus religion is that people allow synonymous words to become equivalent words. There is a lot of difference in meaning between acceptance, admission, assent, assumption, assurance, avowal, axiom, certainty, conclusion, confidence, conjecture, conviction, credence, credit, deduction, divination, expectation, faith, fancy, feeling, guess, hope, hypothesis, idea, impression, intuition, judgment, knowledge, mind, mindset, notion, opinion, persuasion, position, postulation, presumption, presupposition, profession, reliance, supposition, surmise, suspicion, theorem, theory, thesis, thinking, trust, understanding and view which are all synonyms for belief. However, religious people want to make them absolutely equivalent. I have confidence, conviction, reliance, trust and understanding in the mechanisms and results of science, but that doesn't mean I believe in them. It also doesn't mean that my belief in science, if you want to use the term, is the same as a religious followers belief in their imaginary mechanisms and motivators. Not even in the same ball park with regards to evidence.

Comment Re:GW (Score 2) 434

What part of cause and symptoms don't you people get? Global warming is the cause and the symptoms are climate change. It isn't a matter of one or the other. It's a matter of cause and effect. Then again, that is science and not wishful thinking which is what global warming>>climate change denial is all about. It might do you good to start paying attention to scientist and not economist. politicians and lawyers.

Comment Re:Science works (Score 2) 434

She lived longer than all his other patients, double over the next highest person.

Ummm. The fact that she lived longer than other patients just means that she lived longer than other patients. I am sure that some patients lived a lot less than other patients. It had nothing to do with god. It had to do with the fact that people react to diseases and treatments differently. Some people live longer than some people who live longer than some people.

Comment Re:Debbie Downers (Score 1) 115

Spending $130 million to test something could be tested for $0.25 million is a waste of money.

To pretend that the entire mission would be dedicated to getting a 3D printer into orbit is to be obtuse to the point of ridiculous. Send it up as a cargo module on a regular flight just like many other experimental packages.

Comment Re:Okay (Score 1) 283

I can't understand why you insist on the solution being one or the other. I see this all the time, but I can never figure out why. Humans tend to be so one-dimensional in their planning and thinking.
Do you honestly think that the great masses of homo sapiens are even interested in the kind of evolution you are talking about? I see absolutely no evidence of the kinds of changes you are talking about on a large enough scale to be relevant.

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