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Comment Re:Bad Management (Score 1) 152

Well....simply put...the insane amount of DMCA notices make it not worth while. Hey i understand, this is the students basically home connection and that's why only bittorrent is blocked (and ah...we do allow connections to proxies and vpns.....as long as the source ip is not on our range for the stupid DMCA take down bots....i'm good...they are paying for the connection after all). Go look at a lot of campus housing network services around the US. We are probably the most open....any device, any use (except bit torrent). And just because we have the excess capacity...we do full idp inspection for all virus,works,malware,etc.... We really do try to make the students have great service. There are a few universities up north that i know of that only allowed filtered http and https. No streaming videos (youtube,netflix,etc...) are allowed....no game systems....appleTVs...... Would suck to go there! And for info to back it up...i got 325 freaking notices in 1 week.....the bit torrent blocks started an hour later.

Comment Bad Management (Score 5, Informative) 152

I run the campus and dorm WiFi system at the university that i work at. We have many 250 room(500-750 people) residence halls that use around 30 3x3 802.11N dual band (2.4 and 5.8) access points each (we have a total of ~270 APs in 9 halls). The 2.4Ghz band is perfectly usable ALL of the time(at least 1.5Mbps usable data throughput at all times). Our students usually have around 2000-2500 devices on each band (we allow EVERYTHING except bit torrent) with game systems/appleTV/anything....we do not disallow any device as long as it doesn't impact other people.

Now how do we keep 2.4 usable in an environment like that? We manage the crap out of it. First we only allow channels 1,6,and 11 to be used. This keeps anyone from stepping on two channels at once. We also (and this one helped a lot!) turned the N protocol bandwidth width to 20Mhz instead of 40Mhz. At 20Mhz, you have 3 completely separate channels. When the width is 40Mhz you basically chew up 2 open channels at once.....so all channels are always walking over each other. Although this does decrease raw throughput of a client, it almost doubles the amount of usable connections per radio and helps a lot with the further away users from the AP. We also do 5 minute power and channel tuning where the system keeps all that balanced as usage differs. We also do not allow anything slower then 11Mbs to connect at all. This has a two fold benefit. One being that it makes sure the client/AP stays with the closest one to it and two...and this is the HUGE biggie....it increases the efficiency of the 802.11 time slice distribution. 5.5Mbps requires 10ms per client in radio chat time that the client gets regardless of how much data it is sending or receiving. 2 and 1Mbps requires 20ms! The old 802.11b is horribly inefficient and actually causes less clients to be able to connect to a given AP. Turing of everything but 11Mbps increased AP/client concentrations around 40%. Another thing we do is NOT impose is per connection speed limits. We found this reduces amount of usable connections per AP(about 10%) and slows down everybody for no benefit 802.11 is good at balancing throughput between all clients already. We also force transfer anyone off the 2.4 band that is 5.8 capable. The last thing we do is have alarms for when the system shows very high levels of interference on the 2.4 band. Sometimes this is a bad cordless telephone or something but 90% of the time......it is a stupid microwave that went bad. In dense university living areas, they are EVERYWHERE!! Especially since the students buy the cheapest ones they can find. One bad microwave will kill 2.4 in an entire area.

Now...all that being said...when people tell me that 2.4 is crowded and slow because it is unlicensed, I tell them no....it's just managed very, very badly. I have been wishing that one day in the future...hopefully soon as i have requested it during the public comment phase of the last few 802.11 standards...that good spectrum management would be added to the WIFI standards to help with this. The best they do now is look around and try not to be on the same channel. I wish there could be some extremely low level protocol where all access points as part of spec, discuss the rf environment and attempt to keep it sane instead of the apartment fun of 100's of APs all blasting at MAX power to try and get it's voice heard over everyone else's voice. Last time i went to a friends apartment, he was complaining his wifi was slow. When i looked at the rf information.....the noise floor was freaking -62dbm. I told him it will never work right in that environment.

Comment Re:why dont they spin it? and land it in a silo? (Score 1) 342

Yes, that would help stabilize the rocket...but unfortunately...it would cause centrifugal forces on the fuel and cause the fuel to pull away from the fuel pickup at the bottom center of the tank. They are already quite low on fuel at this point so it won't take much spin to kill the engines.

Comment DSL might very well be available there (Score 5, Informative) 536

DSL might very well be available there but for "new development", there is a trick you have to do in order to get it.

When i moved into my new house a few years ago, I was told that there is no DSL service in my area. I told them that it was BS since the CO is less then a mile from my house (i pass it going to and from work each day) and the dang pedistal was in my front yard. Over and over again..."Sir we don't serve your address/area and have no plans on doing so." Each time i respond..."You put a new pedistal in my subdivision when the road/utilities were layed....want the number off the pedistal?" Them..."No sir since we have no service there...." This went on for three damn months threw 3! different support levels.

Finally, i realized that by law, they HAVE to hook me up if i requested standard POTS phone service. I called, gave them the address, they told me they don't have service there and would have to set up a service man to survey and figure out how to get me phone service where i live. The next day the guy came out and said..."Well this is easier then i thought....you just need a line buried from the ped to the house (50ft). He was done in 10 min. I then asked if DSL was available here. He told me yea, it's just down the road, want me to turn that on too and add it to your bill, i have a new modem in my truck. 20 minutes later....i had 12Mbits DSL service to my house.

I then asked why in the world i could not get this done MONTHS ago. He said that if a address never had regular home phone service, as far as ATT was concerned, DSL was not and never would be available. There system was incapable of turning up dsl before phone service....the computer system would just plain not even allow it.

The next day...i canceled my home phone and kept the DSL

So my advice to you is that get the mandated by law to provide POTS phone line, and then see if magically you can get DSL service now. I would not be surprised if you can now get it. When I told all my neighbors (who have been trying to months like me) how to do it, BAM!, a few weeks straight of ATT trucks at all the houses, and a whole lot of very thankful neighbors.

Submission + - RIP Leonard Nimoy

Esther Schindler writes: According to the NY Times, Leonard Nimoy died on Friday morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. He was 83.

He was, and always shall be, our friend.

Comment iPhone (Score 1) 183

Wait What Hu????

I throught that Sprint was about to get the iPhone that worked with their 4G offerings now??? So everyone that buys one now will have to buy a new phone for the new system in 1 year??? Me thinks someone did not think this through long enough.

Comment Civ (Score 1) 437

From the third paragraph:

Space Exploration is an important example of this. We emphasize Capitalism as the best engine for innovation, but it was Socialism that took man to the Moon. Capitalism is only just now reaching space, 40 years later. Teamwork accomplishes great things, but in America we emphasize individualism and personal profit, which are great motivators, but create silos of productivity that are disadvantaged for lacking the cross-pollination of ideas that comes with collaboration

Unfortunally, this is the EXACT reason anyone playing the Civilization game would usually go Monarchy -> Communism till all science goals was achieved -> Fundamentalism to rake in the cash.

ANYBODY that chose Capitalism would usually have lots of money...but their science would tank into oblivion and the only way they could win was to kill the other civilizations before they got there spaceship built first.

Kinda scarry how well the game has fortold the future considering it came out in 1996.

Comment Over time? (Score 3, Interesting) 212

I RTFA and I for the life of me can't figure out if it's a "The longer the uptime the worse the degrading...and a reboot will start the process over?" or "You will use this and it will get worse and worse untill the chip burns out..."

I hope to god it's the first one...If not this might beat the floating point error by a mile!

Comment Mind-boggling...Really? (Score 1) 75

'This is routine maintenance, and it's mind-boggling that the manufacturers don't provide people with an easy way to open the case up and blow it out.'

Really? It seems pretty simple to me:

1. Build product.
2. Make product so that it's life is artifically gimped by not being able to do the easiest of things like 'blow it out'.
3. When product dies early, customer spends more money to replace originaly gimped product.
4. Rinse, repeat.

Seriously, they seem to build most 'consumer electronics' to die on a predetermined schedule. If they built them to last, then the companys would not get any extra money from multiple purchases...and well...they can't have that now can they.

Comment Bingo! (Score 1) 551

"One customer recently found his hard drive had gone, but by the time he'd paid £50 for the recovery disc, paid for a new hard drive and paid for the labour of installing the device, it made more sense to buy a new machine.""

And that about sums up why the discs are going by by. Why recover when you can buy new!!

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