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Comment: Re:who googles google? (Score 1) 32

by istartedi (#49834535) Attached to: Egyptian Repairman Outranks Google

Stranger still, they define all those English words in the dictionary with... English words. One of the odd things about the dictionary (at least old printed ones) is that the shorter words tend to have longer definitions. Go ahead. Look up "and", "a", "the", etc. For that matter, look up "etc." but it's probably got a much shorter definition that doesn't involve arcane linguistic terminology.

Also, programming languages are written in themselves... but there are readily apparent underlying axioms so it seems less strange.

Comment: Re:They will Steal Old People's Medicine (Score 1) 96

by drinkypoo (#49829381) Attached to: Building Amazon a Better Warehouse Robot

People only get satisfaction out of working for other people because they have been raised with a slave mentality and they forgot how to be themselves. They were bred to be cogs in the machine, bricks in the wall, and most people participate faithfully.

Let people be people.

We need better birth control :p

Comment: Re:Robots don't need to be as fast as humans (Score 1) 96

by drinkypoo (#49829367) Attached to: Building Amazon a Better Warehouse Robot

That's OK, they will have mouse-hunting robots soon enough. An R/C car is much faster than any mouse, I'm surprised it's not been done already in a warehouse context where there's appropriate terrain. Keep your cat out of the warehouse just like one is meant to keep their children out of the street (so tired of slow children at play signs, keep those little fuckers out of the road and we don't need another ugly sign cluttering up our world) and there won't be a problem.

Comment: Re: The hawks are either vicious or stupid (Score 1) 268

by drinkypoo (#49829315) Attached to: Senate Passes USA Freedom Act

Yes, of course (rolls eyes)... I'm sure you would have shut your piehole like everybody else for fear of the consequences.

We're talking about two people in line talking to one another, not a conversation with the security screener. Unless he did complain to the screener, and then someone behind him chimed in, his text wasn't clear. But why would you open your mouth to complain if you're just going to shut it when the opportunity for bravery comes along? Just shut the fuck up in the first place and get on the plane like a good little obedient slave.

Comment: Sorry to see you modded troll there (Score 1) 165

by drinkypoo (#49829297) Attached to: Tim Cook: "Weakening Encryption Or Taking It Away Harms Good People"

It's clear that the majority of elected officials are not there to help us, so it's sad to see you modded down for sharing facts. Your comment should be insightful or informative, not troll. Sadly, there are still those who think that government is there to help them when it's really a bipartisan effort to keep us in our place.

Comment: Re: finally (Score 0) 272

by drinkypoo (#49829251) Attached to: Microsoft To Support SSH In Windows and Contribute To OpenSSH

Cygwin is a pain

Oh noes, you have to run setup

and only a complete 'real OS' neck beard would slag Microsoft for this

Only a complete idiot would think that's what's happening here, but I see you didn't log in, so I guess you're ready to be the biggest kind of idiot. We're slagging Microsoft for, as usual, taking over a decade to do the right thing.

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