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Comment: Re:Does anyone oppose this? (Score 1) 93

by drinkypoo (#47444311) Attached to: Fighting Climate Change With Trade

Since when have protective tariffs been "efficient"?

If we required accounting of emissions, and not simply of currency units, then there would be no need for tariffs to address the issue of the hidden environmental costs. They can eventually be translated into economic costs, but they also affect quality of life — you can assign economic costs to that as well, but you'll hardly tell the whole story.

When you buy goods made somewhere with inadequate pollution controls, many others have to pay part of your bill. My only problem with the whole idea is that any tariffs should be used specifically for bioremediation, and my prediction is that they largely won't be.

Comment: Re:Silly season much (Score 1) 84

by drinkypoo (#47444245) Attached to: Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction

My favorite thing about free to pay games is that so many games (FtP or otherwise) are only really fun during the buildup phase, and then they get a bit samey. You can go through all that without actually spending any money. You lose the time either way. Then you move on to the next game. Along the way, if you're feeling generous, you might file some bug reports. That is an awful lot like actual work, however.

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by istartedi (#47444091) Attached to: How Deep Does the Multiverse Go?

Except in the one where you posted saying it wasn't, but were mistaken because it actually was. That might not be too far from the one where I'm GWB, a frequent Slashdot poster. It's interesting to ponder the concept of what "infinity" really means when you consider all the possibilities on some mundane thing like that.

Comment: Re:Why - why $1 billion a year? (Score 1) 66

by Archfeld (#47443841) Attached to: FCC Approves Subsidy Plan to Upgrade School and Library Networks

Do you have experience that points to other sources ? I've done this for several years now and I've yet to have to work a teachers or admins workstation for anything but a part failure, while I spend more time cleaning up student workstations and shared library stations with the software filter and the tampering students...

NOTE : quite often I learn NEW and interesting things fixing stuff after the kids are done, things I never would have considered or thought of trying :)

Comment: Did not view images, but you only need a skirt (Score 1, Offtopic) 147

by drinkypoo (#47442935) Attached to: Rocket Scientist Designs "Flare" Pot That Cooks Food 40% Faster

I didn't view the images because you just get black squares without scripts. Come on, Slashdot, link a site that can write HTML, not where they're too incompetent to display images without javascript. This is 1990s technology. What year is it?

Anyway, on topic, all you actually need is a skirt to channel heat up the sides of the pot. If it's a little lower than the pot itself then the heat will flow up the sides of the pot and you get massively more heat transfer. One little piece of sheet metal, done.

Comment: Celebration writ large (Score 1) 187

by Guppy06 (#47442379) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education

If you've fallen in love with the Walt Disney World experience, you now have the option to live in a town designed by Disney itself: Celebration, Florida. Resembling "Main Street, USA" and the "EPCOT World Showcase" writ large, Celebration helps blur the distinction between between Disney and real life, effectively letting you live in a theme park.

Know who doesn't live in Celebration, Florida and its mean income over $75k/yr? The people who work in Celebration, Florida.

It's not hard to find new developments across the US where you see new apartments and condominiums built alongside or even on top of faux city shops (complete with acres of parking) to give the residents the "gentrified neighborhood" experience. But you can bet that the folks who actually work in Whole Foods or PF Chang's don't actually live there. And the folks that work there can't afford to shop there.

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by Guppy06 (#47442309) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education

What the summary fails to point out, of course, is that the growth of all the extra facilities - bars, restaurants, dry cleaners etc. - also ensure the job market grows in non-graduate jobs too, so it's win-win for everyone that lives in the lucky city

Prices in cities are targeted at those high-earning college graduates. There may be greater need for bartenders, waitstaff, etc, but those low-wage workers can't afford to actually live in the city themselves, which necessitates long commutes, which eats up even more of their meager pay, which ensures that the lower class stays lower class.

+ - Utility wants $17,500 refund after failure to scrub negative search results-> 2

Submitted by mpicpp
mpicpp (3454017) writes "Seattle City Light worked really hard to quash 2008 article, may sue

Seattle’s publicly-owned electrical utility, City Light, is now demanding a refund for the $17,500 that it paid to in a botched effort to boost the online reputation of its highly-paid chief executive, Jorge Carrasco. "enhances online branding and clears negatives by blanketing search results with positive content" in an attempt to counteract unwanted search engine results. City Light signed a contract with the company in October 2013 and extended it in February 2014. The contracts authorized payments of up to $47,500.

Hamilton said that he first raised the issue of the utility’s online reputation when he was interviewing for the chief of staff job in early 2013.

“All I saw were negative stories about storms, outages and pay increases and I raised it as a concern during that interview,” he said. “And then after I started, [CEO Jorge Carrasco] and I discussed what we could do to more accurately represent the utility and what the utility is all about, because we didn't feel it was well represented online.”

Thus, the contract. City Light says that it only ever thought would help it place legitimate material in legitimate outlets—talking up some of the positive changes that have taken place at City Light during Carrasco's tenure. Instead, it appears to have received mostly bogus blog posts."

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Comment: Re: Not France vs US (Score 1) 241

Yes, competition is good for the consumer, which is why France wants to protect competition in the marketplace.

But that's not what they're doing. They're trying to suppress the competition. The competition is online, which is more efficient than having many unrelated bookstores. France wants to pretend to live in the past, while using modern technology against its people. French SWAT members (well, the equivalent) wear masks so they cannot be recognized. Yeah, it's a democracy. Right.

Comment: Re:There are better than Apple's (Score 1, Funny) 108

I find it annoying that despite the existence of common devices which are "better" that the "best" is still considered to be Apple's.

Congratulations, you have just lived down to your nickname, and it has led you to whine about Apple's popularity — the only reason why everything is compared to Apple.

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