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Comment: Re:all this data yet so much gets missed (Score 1) 139

by Catchwa (#26245551) Attached to: Managing Last.FM's "Mountain of Data"
soundamus already does this (albeit in the form of an RSS feed as opposed to an email)

I have sometimes wondered why record companies haven't tried to subpoena Last.FM logs when people scrobble a leaked (and therefore pretty much guaranteed to be pirated) song. Seems stupid enough for the RIAA to do.

Ubuntu Linux Validates As Genuine Windows 401

Posted by kdawson
from the it-was-the-wine-talking dept.
bobbocanfly writes "Another crack in the Windows Genuine Advantage wall. A user at UbuntuForums.org managed to validate an Ubuntu installation as a genuine copy of Microsoft Windows and get to the download page of Windows Defender, using IE4Linux and Wine. (Here is an OGG video of the process.) Along with the advancement of LiveCD technology, this could spell the end of Microsoft's control over who gets their updates."

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