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The Internet

+ - Net Neutrality Summit

Submitted by Castar
Castar writes: BoingBoing has a post about an upcoming summit in San Francisco about the issue of Net Neutrality. The EFF and speakers on both sides of the issue are gathering to debate and spread awareness of Network Neutrality, which is an increasingly important topic. The FCC, of course, might have the final word.

+ - Man arrested for "dirty bomb" prank on Int

Submitted by Castar
Castar writes: Jake Brahm was arrested in near Milwaukee for a threat he made, in jest, on the popular Internet messageboard 4chan.org. He faces federal charges for the hoax, which caused the DHS to warn football stadiums of a potential threat. From the article: " The threat, posted on www.4chan.org, said the attacks would coincide with the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan and would spark civil wars across the world, bring the global economy to a halt and allow "general chaos" to rule. It said al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden would claim responsibility for the attacks, which he would dub "America's Hiroshima." " Will this have a chilling effect on "joke" posts on sites such as 4chan, Slashdot, and SomethingAwful? Do you feel as though your hot grit posts are under careful scrutiny from the FBI?

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