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Comment: Not legally binding (Score 3, Informative) 33

It's worth noting that this is an opinion by the Mississippi Ethics Commission, and as such, while suggestive, is "advisory" and not legally binding.

The main point of soliciting an opinion from the Ethics Commission is that a "public official" who acts upon such an advisory opinion is not subject to civil or criminal liability as long as the official "follows the direction of such opinion and acts in accordance therewith unless a court of competent jurisdiction, after a full hearing, shall judicially declare that such opinion is manifestly wrong and without any substantial support." (Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated, section 25-4-17(i)(i))

Comment: Re:No throttling - impossible dream (Score 1) 235

by CarsonChittom (#46290817) Attached to: FCC Planning Rule Changes To Restore US Net Neutrality

WaffleMonster, I believe you hit the nail on the head - the key is differentiate between bandwidth management and discrimination or preferential treatment. The problem will be how to clearly draw the line between them.

This doesn't seem like much of a problem to me. If your pipes are at a capacity that you need to prioritize certain traffic, you do it based on the service—video, VoIP, P2P, et cetera—regardless of source, and that's bandwidth management. If your pipes are at any capacity and you throttle a specific source of traffic, that's discrimination. Do you see any problems with that as a bright line?

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by CarsonChittom (#45135287) Attached to: I typically visit a doctor (for medical reasons) ...

Pithy and funny.

But, as I said to those making the joke when it went around last year, apparently untrue. It seems from (admittedly, purely casual) searching that cancer outcomes are actually somewhat better in the US than in Europe, at least for some kinds of cancer. The National Center for Policy Analysis, a "non-partisan think tank," has a page from 2007 on this with cites to appropriate studies; and a 2011 British Department of Health policy document entitled "Improving Outcomes: A Strategy for Cancer" admits (p. 7) that England's cancer outcomes are below the European average.

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by CarsonChittom (#45115885) Attached to: Xerox "Routine Backup Test" Leave 17 States Without Food Stamps

Only a very small number of transactions would have been failed anyway for insufficient funds, etc., and these are reconciled when that part of the system is restored to service... meaning there's very little loss to the provider for this.

Right. And if EBT payments did likewise, it'd be a headline in some newspaper that Sen. Local voted for allowing welfare recipients to receive benefits to which they weren't otherwise entitled.

Not a commentary or criticism; simply a statement of fact.

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