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Comment: Ignorance? I don't think so. (Score 1) 396

by Carpeaux (#30936972) Attached to: Does Personalized News Lead To Ignorance?
I read Slashdot, Lifehacker, The Atlantic, Sherdog (yeah, I like MMA) and take a look at the main topics of Google News (US and my country's, Brazil) through my iGoogle page. Anything beyond that, I don't care. I am ignorant of everything else only in the sense that I am ignorant of Soviet architecture: I am not supposed to know everything nor will I try to, so it is only natural to always be ignorant about something. 20 years ago I would be forced to read a whole newspaper daily just to find out these same things and would end up knowing more about things I don't care about? Bummer.

Comment: Re:Charities? (Score 1) 464

by Carpeaux (#30501556) Attached to: Charities Upset Over Chase Facebook Contest
You forgot one thing: if they say we can't be sure if the fetus is alive or not, than its about 50% chance to each. Well, you can't put someone in 50% chance of being killed. If there's 50% chance there's someone in a house, you can't explode it and after claim it was not murder because there was 50% chance the house was empty. Prove me a fetus is not a human being. If you can't, become anti-abortion right now or admit yourself to "maybe" support the murder of innocent babies. If you choose the former, go fuck yourself.

Comment: Re:Oh Come On (Score 1) 464

by Carpeaux (#30501520) Attached to: Charities Upset Over Chase Facebook Contest
As an anti-abortion guy, I can say that you are wrong about the "anti-choice" (anti-infanticide) folks: we know abortion to be the murder of a baby, don't want any of that to happen, and are very preoccupied with the future of a society which believes killing babies to be right or acceptable in any way. As for the anti-life people, as I see them, they like everything related to sexual liberation and don't want anything to bother them while at it. To me, that's acting just like an animal (pleasure/pain and to hell with moral) and also the recipe for destroying our civilization.

Comment: Re:I don't think it has been a problem. (Score 2, Insightful) 494

by Carpeaux (#29125161) Attached to: Is Typing Ruining Your Ability To Spell?
Jokes such as this make me want two things: 1. Some way to mod a commentary as "Brilliant", so that, when growing bored of a topic, I don't miss something truly awesome. 2. Some part in Slashdot where we can read all these "Brilliant" commentaries, the funny, the insightful etc. This would be one fucken awesome book. Sometimes I feel we are loosing great material here, things which are really interesting and get lost in the hundreds ofn topics, never to be read again. ??? Still not convinced whether I should create a signature or not.

Comment: Talk about the future.. (Score 2, Interesting) 177

by Carpeaux (#28931127) Attached to: Breakthrough in Electricity-Producing Microbe
Every now and then we read about some new energy producing mean, it just makes me wonder... Can anyone even begin to imagine what would a society based on these technologies look like? They are very diverse and seem to cover ever encreasing aspects of our lives. Each one could take care of a bit of our smaller needs and nuclear energy could be the only massive one, providing for larger needs in a world with ever more energy-efficient technologies. What if through technology we can reach a society with no more big energy concerns, just by sort of cutting the sharp edges of our wastes? Anyone knows some hard science fiction dealing with this kind of society?

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