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Role Playing (Games)

+ - CCP Employees Caught Tampering With EVE - Again

Submitted by
radi0w0mbat writes "EVE-Online forums were closed by CCP today after allegations by GoonFleet that CCP employees had played favorites in the ongoing war in zerosec, rigged role-playing events, and used their employee accesses to covertly join and gain director status in player corporations. This is not the first time CCP employees have been caught doing favors for their in-game friends; a previous incident led to the termination of a CCP employee and the formation of CCP's Internal Affairs office. Many GoonFleet members openly state their belief that the game is rigged in favor of older players and their alliances, pointing to the deployment of Titans, hideously expensive (costing roughly $6000 in real-world money) ships that even CCP developers recently conceded are ludicrously powerful and unbalanced in terms of gameplay. GoonFleet is an alliance made up primarily of Something Awful forum members that has grown from a handful of n00b players to one of the major alliances in the game in a little less than two years."

+ - More Allegations of Developer Misconduct in EVE

Submitted by umilmi81
umilmi81 (666) writes "The EVE Online player based alliance GoonSwarm has published an open letter, including screen shots, accusing CCP employees of joining a member corporation, giving himself director level permissions, and then leaving the corporation.

In-game petitions sent to CCP about the incident were subsequently deleted. A forum moderator acknowledged the accusations, and has directed the matter to internal affairs.

CCP created an internal affairs department after admitting developer misconduct on previous occasions."

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