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Comment: Brain/body heat (Score 1) 181

by CarlJagt (#20904867) Attached to: Brain Heatsink Could Reduce Epilepsy

There may be something here ... this underlying idea combining "heat and seizure" is notable.

See, my wife has suffered petit and grand mal seizures since the age of eleven. Up until a change in medications, she was always 'hot to the touch' -- at night radiating heat like a toaster (nice for those cold Canadian winter nights). Sadly, those were years in which seizures came at a weekly, sometimes daily, interval. Since the medication change, she no longer is hot to the touch but cool, sometimes even cold (and can feel chilled in hot weather). Happily, seizure frequency has changed from weekly to yearly.

Beyond anecdotal evidence, is there truly a meaningful correlation here between temperature and seizure frequency? I'm certainly going to investigate further.

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