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Comment: Re:Reduce federal spending, increase state spendin (Score 2, Insightful) 276

by Carl.E.Pierre (#32788510) Attached to: Internet Sales Tax Gets a New Champion

I think you mean, "Hmm live with high taxes or live where people push their bias, instead of mine, into the school books..."

More like "Hmm live with high taxes or live where people intentionally push their bias into the school books..."

Everyone has biases, and they are bound to make their way into the books. But when a group of people who have no business messing with textbooks in the first place go in with an agenda, that is a problem

Comment: Re:Care to support your assertion with facts? (Score 1) 895

by Carl.E.Pierre (#32310046) Attached to: Conservative Textbook Curriculum Passes Final Vote In Texas

Where's any actual data that supports your assertion that the USA innovates more because it's more right-leaning?

Thank you for saying it.

I always thought we were more 'innovative' because of how open we were to new ideas, peoples and because of our capitalistic system.

Comment: Re:it wasn't a distraction last year (Score 1) 545

No, I am glad he did.

I mean, it was pretty obvious that this dude was not a "Middle aged white man in his 40s," but at the time, that ALL the authorities had to go on. The media went crazy with it as they are wont too, but that does not change the facts

The irony here is that you do not realize that you are guilty of the bias that you readily accuse of.

I thought the Bush years were full of people spouting BS to validate themselves, but that is nothing compared to the Obama years.

Comment: Re:More like a flaw in statistics (Score 1) 437

by Carl.E.Pierre (#31563866) Attached to: Flaw In Emergency Response System May Have Killed Hundreds

No. His argument makes perfect sense. Perhaps he is not completely mindful of scope, but the basics apply. We are all expected to do our jobs 'perfectly' with little to no mistakes, the more 'important' your job is to society, the more is demanded of you.

Sure we are not perfect, but perfection will always be demanded of us and we have to do our best.

Comment: Re:Example of competition gone wrong (Score 1) 191

by Carl.E.Pierre (#30720838) Attached to: Malware Threat Reports Are "Apples and Oranges"
No, there certainly is such a thing. I hate to be one to preach how great mac and Linux are, but they are 'Inherently resistant'(Combination of obscurity and the lack of the porosity leading weak points to be mainly the user, and even then defending him/her from his/herself). There is a huge difference between that and immunity though.

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