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+ - Patent Peer Review is now operational->

Submitted by
Carl Oppedahl
Carl Oppedahl writes "USPTO's pilot program for peer review of pending patent applications is now operational (the early stages of which were discussed in Slashdot here, here, here, and here), and you can see how it actually works. Not every pending US patent application is eligible — only applications on particular subjects that were published within particular date ranges qualify for inclusion.

As you can see some patent applications have had quite few comments posted.

My patent law firm has thus far volunteered two of our clients' patent applications for review in this program. One of them has received one comment so far (it has 77 days left for comments), and the other one has not received any comments so far (it has 43 days left).

I like the user interface for the system:
  • it reminds readers that they must actually read and comment upon the claims
  • it shows how much time is left for comments on each patent application
  • it lets you subscribe to see activity for a particular patent application

I surely hope that this pilot program will succeed."

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