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Comment: ZFS (Score 1) 153

by Carl Drougge (#40062925) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Temporary Backup Pouch?

In the grand internet tradition of answering a loosely related question which is no use at all to the asker, I will say that the "smart kids" might use something like ZFS, which almost handles this for you. (Take snapshots, save delta streams on your USB stick. Requires the backup to be a ZFS copy, not just the same files.)

Useless right now at least. But I've been pretty happy with switching my storage to ZFS, even if the Linux version sucks. (I mostly don't use the Linux version.) I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind a bit of transitional pain.

Comment: Re:The Internet is based on C (Score 2) 201

by Carl Drougge (#38043758) Attached to: The IOCCC Competition Is Back

Keyword: cognitive load. Case in point: hilariously excrutiating code example in linux man page of snprintf. If you need to jump through all these burning hoops to do something this mundane, imagine how much more your proficient C coder could achieve in a more sensible laguage with the same amount of effort.

A sensible C coder might use vasprintf instead of the example in that manpage. The fact that all the standard library functions aren't great for all (or sometimes any) use cases is hardly unique to C.

Comment: No browsing (Score 1) 429

by Carl Drougge (#37613738) Attached to: As a target for malware, my main computer is ...

My main computer doesn't run a browser. (It does run a virtual machine with a browser.)

I think this and not being reachable from the public internet is all the protection it needs. (It's also running Ubuntu, but I don't think that makes any noticable difference compared to some other modern choice.)

Comment: Re:What is wrong with just plain dump? (Score 2, Informative) 300

by Carl Drougge (#32541700) Attached to: Volume Shadow Copy For Linux?

I'm pretty sure the Linux version of dump doesn't do any snapshoting. The FreeBSD version can do it because the FS supports snapshots, but ext3 does not. (Maybe it will do snapshots automatically if you have a setup that will support them, but the original problem is that this is not the case.)

Comment: Re:ECC on a home system? (Score 1) 333

by Carl Drougge (#29754771) Attached to: Google Finds DRAM Errors More Common Than Believed

Yes, I am saying that. There are options for:
DRAM ECC enable
DRAM MCE enable
Chip-Kill mode enable
DRAM ECC Redirection
DRAM background scrubber
L2 cache background scrubber
DCache backdround scrubber

The full specs of my board are GA-MA770-UD3 rev 2.0 with BIOS version "FA", Kingston valueram ECC memory, Athlon X2 BE-2400 CPU. So tech support could be right for the board you asked about, though probably not.

Comment: Re:ECC on a home system? (Score 1) 333

by Carl Drougge (#29703869) Attached to: Google Finds DRAM Errors More Common Than Believed

While it's certainly true that most consumer boards don't have BIOS support for ECC, my Gigabyte GA-MA-770-UD3 does, so gigabyte probably doesn't lie when they claim support on other boards. (But these options are not shown if you don't actually have ECC-memory, so you could easily fool yourself when you check for it.)

Also my slightly older ABit AN-M2HD supports ECC. Both boards were bought with ECC in mind, it's not all that common. But it's certainly possible to get.

Comment: Re:No Battery? (Score 2, Insightful) 195

by Carl Drougge (#28800237) Attached to: Intel 34nm SSDs Lower Prices, Raise Performance

I suspect they have a capacitor large enough to finish committing their buffers. At least they seem to see little performance degradation with write barriers, and do retain all the files they should when I pull the power while writing. (I didn't do a proper test, but it seems to work correctly, assuming your OS does.)

(And for the record, any OS that still thinks anything the HD acks is written is living in a dream world, it hasn't been true for 15 years on consumer disks.)

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