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Comment: Re:The Lack of Common Sense Everywhere is alarming (Score 1) 46

It's absolutely fucking insane that a business based on calling someone for a ride makes those with political power shit themselves with attempts to shut it down. Absolutely insane.

That is not the problem. The problem is that Uber is organizing crime, and continues to do so after beeing caught and fined once already.That is kind kind of a bad thing.


Google Sunsetting Old Version of Google Maps 203

Posted by timothy
from the nothing-beats-mapblast's-vector-directions dept.
New submitter Robertgilberts writes with word that Google is dropping the old version of Maps. The new version of Google Maps came out of preview back in February 2014 and was in beta for several months before that. The only way to access the old version of Google Maps was via a special URL or if you had a very old browser that did not support the new version of Google Maps. Consolation prize: There will still be a lighter-weight version, which "drops out many of the neat Google Maps features in exchange for speed and compatibility."

Seattle CEO Cuts $1 Million Salary To $70K, Raises Employee Salaries 471

Posted by timothy
from the motivations-vary dept.
First time accepted submitter fluffernutter writes Dan Price started his company, Gravity Payments, out of university when he was 19. Now he is cutting his $1 million salary to $70,000 and promising to raise all his employees' salaries. Dan is quoted as saying he made the move because "I think this is just what everyone deserves."Good business practice? Silly boosterism? Enlightened self-interest?

Comment: Re:A first: We should follow Germany's lead (Score 1) 698

by Carewolf (#49479411) Attached to: 'We the People' Petition To Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status

Then lets avoid picking on Scientology and revoke tax exempt status for all churches.

Leaving aside the problems this would likely pose under American law

Taxing donations does not restrict your right to exercise your religion in any way. And tax-exempt charity organizations has the same kind of restrictions as they do in Germany.


Turkish Hackers Target Vatican Website After Pope's Genocide Comment 245

Posted by timothy
from the robust-free-speech dept.
An anonymous reader writes Turkish hackers have brought down the official Vatican City website, following Pope Francis' statement in which he referred to mass killings of Armenians by Turks as 'genocide'. According to reports, the website was first taken offline on Monday evening with a Turkish hacker, named @THTHerakles, announcing that he would continue to target the website should an official apology not be issued from the Vatican City. The hacker said that the Pope's comments were "unacceptable" for a respected religious figurehead. "Taking sides and calling what happened with the Armenians genocide is not true ... We want Pope [Francis] to apologize for his words or we will make sure the website remains offline," he added.

Comment: Re:Please (Score 1) 105

They are NOT considering it. They are considering putting it on the books. There is a difference there. French gov already spies on everything that they can.

On their own citizens against their own laws. Then it would make no sense to change the laws.

Also. You are making a strong claim.. Prove it.

Comment: Re:French republic vs monarchy ? (Score 1) 105

The citizens vote to elect the two parliament chambers members, representing proportionally the states and the peoples. Then the parliament (all members of the two chambers) vote to appoint the 7 Federal Council members. There can appoint any citizen of the country even it's not a candidate. As strange as it look like, yes this has happened: a citizen without high view on the politic can be boosted up to the highest level in a few hours. The main goal is to form a stable Federal Council with a proportional diversity of the leading parties. Then 7 Federal Council members decide by them self there minister assignation between them.

That is how democracy works. That is no different from any other country in Europe. You still need to get around the problem of selecting a person the parliament can vote on. They can't vote on everybody.

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