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Researchers: The Thermostat In Your Office May Be Sexist 314

sciencehabit writes: If you're constantly bundling up against your office building's air conditioning, blame Povl Ole Fanger. In the 1960s, this Danish scientist developed a model, still used in many office buildings around the world, which predicts comfortable indoor temperatures for the average worker. The problem? The average office worker in the 1960s was a 40-year-old man sporting a three-piece suit. But fear not, those for whom the 'work sweater' has become a mandatory addition to office attire: Researchers say they have built a better model.

Comment Re:8 years, and still stuck at 2-4 cores... (Score 1) 98

Processors ought to have a minimum of twice the number of cores by now. Intel could at least have the decency to offer the option of trading a GPU for more cores.

(Yes, there are outrageously expensive server parts with more cores...)

They do. The only Intel "consumer" chips without a GPU are the 6-core EXTREME(!!!) edition.

Comment Re:Seriously reporters, just give up on foreign wo (Score 1) 161

Slange is also a hose or tube, and "cykelslange" is the word for "innertube", so it's a pun as well.
I'm Norwegian, not Danish, but I'll take a stab at the pronunciation:
Cyglslangen (with cy as in cylinder, gl as in glue, and slang as in the word) shold be close enough.The g is softer though, and there's almost but not quite an e in the transition to the next letter.

The a sound in slang is different. The Danish 'a' is more like the 'a' as in Khan or aaahh.

Comment Re: Winter? (Score 1) 231

Do a search for google car can't drive in rain and you will see that they haven't even been tested in heavy rain because of safety concerns.

That just means they haven't gotten to that yet, not that they expect it to be very hard.

If it wasn't an issue they would already be doing it. Of course it is nowhere near the first of the issues autonomous cars have, they are quite far from what people imagine.

Comment Re:Error 1 (Score 1) 886

Gasoline stations don't sell gasoline. The provide it as a service at near-zero margin as a way to lure you in for the high-margin food and sundries in their stores.

They'll find other ways to lure you in (like adding charging stations).

Hardly. The cheapest are still the ones without a store.

Comment Re:BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 1) 132

Ever heard the phrase "Divided by a common language?"

In British English a member of "the government" is not a Bureaucrat with a public service-style salary, it's the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. Where they use "government" we'd use "Administration" (as in: the Obama Administration).

Actually it means the same in America. Americans are just reallhy of stupid and blame the government for everything even remotely public. You can see this very often for instance with Obama being blamed for the actions of republican Governors.

Comment Re: Blocked (Score 2) 132

For those bot getting the "joke", GEMA is pretty much the German equivallent of the RIAA in the US.

They are notorious for geoblocking in Germany videos from youtube which contains content under their licensing rights... Even youtube channels from the artists themselves.

Actually they are notorious for Google blocking youtube videos claiming GEMA demanded it, even if they didn't.

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