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Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 544

by Rei (#49567335) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

Thank you, but I said nothing about calories. Did I? I don't see it anywhere. I commented that a sugar SUBSTITUTE actually has more sugar than substitute in it.

By mass only, but thats a complete red herring since you use far less of it than you would of actual sugar.

Nobody is ever going to make a mass-market pure Stevia product because it's way too hard to use - it's just way too concentrated of a sweetener. Trust me, I've used it, I usually have to resort to weighting it out on a jewler's scale. It's silly to point out small amounts of sugar filler; for a given amount of sweetness you'll never consume a significant amount.

They could use something else that wasn't a digestable carb instead.

No, people like you and "food babe" would freak out at the names of indigestible carbs far worse than you do with dextrose. And dextrose won't alter the texture or flavor of the food product like many indigestible carbohydrates such as resistant starches would.

I was talking about ingredients in Stevia products; she has the documentation.

She has a page full of claims, half of which are laughable BS that she just made up, as is her typical modus operandi.

Right. Ok. Whatever. I don't think I told you to believe everything she's ever said, did I?

You're the one who linked to a running joke, its your problem.

Comment: Re:Pinto (Score 1) 155

by serviscope_minor (#49567317) Attached to: The Engineer's Lament -- Prioritizing Car Safety Issues

In most sane countries you are required to keep a distance long enough that the car in front can perform an emergency stop without you hitting it. If you do hit it, you've caused the accident (and in Oz, will get hit with a negligent/careless driving charge).

Pff. I'd say the UK is a sane country, and we have very safe roads compared to most countries. We generally have decent drivers: the safety level is despite the relatively high density. But...

Well, I tried maintaining a safe distance on the M25 once and it was simply impossible. I mean literally impossible. You can slow down until the gap in front of you widens and once it's big enough, someone zips into it. Then what are you meant to do? Well, you can keep up the process in which case, people keep zipping into the nice gap. If you keep on slowing down people will STILL keep going into the gap and you'll present a hazard.

I ended up just giving up and going at the same speed as the surrounding traffic (the M25, so that's about 20 mph, amirite?).

Keeping a safe distance is one of the simplest things I can do.
There are two points: Firstly if the roads are sufficiently empty, but on crowded roads even with basically everyone driving decently it becomes more or less impossible.

Secondly, you can't control the idiot behind you who insists on not keeping a safe distance.

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 544

by Rei (#49567297) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

I just gave you a link to a peer-reviewed study which studied its breakdown components in the bloodstream and you're still claiming otherwise? Tsk tsk. And to help you out with what you're confusing, you're mixing up aspartame with olestra. Olestra is the food additive that doesn't break down in the small intestine, passes through, and if eaten in excess causes loose stools or related problems. The quantities of olestra used, since it's a substitute to fats, are significant. The quantities of aspartame used are far too small to have such an effect even if they didn't break down rapidly in the intestines (which has been amply documented that they do).

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 544

by Rei (#49567283) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

find it humorous that you are ranting about me for "anecdotal evidence" when you just challenged someone to "prove me wrong right now in just a couple weeks" by using the same kind of evidence.

Surely you'll admit that "I experienced it myself" is better than "some TV 'documentary' whose name I don't remember had some woman who claimed it"

The human digestive system does not throw away energy from digestible substances.

Uhhh, yeah, it can. Maybe there's more to this than you know? Ok, the digestive system may not, but the excretory system can.


The interior surface of the small intestine is composed of microvilli that dramatically enlarge its absorptive surface, accounting for an extraordinary efficiency in absorbing consumed substrates: 98% of all digestible carbohydrate is absorbed; 95% of all fat is absorbed; and 92% of all protein is absorbed.

That's the baseline. How much more efficient exactly do you think your particular digestive system is than 98% of carbs, 95% of fat and 92% of protein?

Comment: Re:"Selfie" (Score 1) 56

by gl4ss (#49567101) Attached to: The World of 3D Portraiture

does a guy who by chance gets a printed mini-me and uses the word selfie incorrectly in a clickbait article, poses a question to get comments, use that word incorrectly? sure does.

he didn't do the scan. he didn't do the printing. so how is it a scan? now if he had actually made an article about buying/rigging up a full color scanner and getting a full color 3d printer, mcor or whatever, then yeah it would have been quite a cool article.

now it just looks like he's posing as stupid for the sake of creating discussion to boost himself. that's one use for a 3d printed mini me.

another user would be.. you know.. he could just give it to his mom or kids. that's the USUAL kind of way you would use of PORTRAITS. it's a portrait so how stupid you need to be to not treat it as one????

Comment: Re:I'm really conflicted... (Score 1) 95

by gl4ss (#49566993) Attached to: Stephen Hawking Has a Message For One Direction Fans

but it's not meaningful science. there's no good way of relating to public, it just lets them believe there's some other world that super genius scientists(tm) can look into (or something). if there's an infinite number of alternatives then.. well, so what? in that another universe the fan might not be a fan of one direction in the first place. but more importantly there is no possible meaningful exchange of information or observing of the alternate universe. it's basically just something made up.

it's just "poof magic science makes magic real!!!"... it will make them disappointed once they learn that there is nothing actually there in this universe to connect meaningfully with another universe.

it's just "trust me I'm smarter, feel good!". it's utter bollocks, that's what it is.

Comment: Re:George W. still president (Score 1) 95

by gl4ss (#49566967) Attached to: Stephen Hawking Has a Message For One Direction Fans

what he neglected to say is that in an measurably equal amount of alternate universes One Direction never existed.

stupid message, the fans can never observe that alternate universe in any way. wonder why he made it. probably some journalist just clickbaiting. equivalent of saying to them that one direction still exists in happy place heaven(tm).

Comment: Re:I wish there was an easy way to understand it (Score 1) 88

by gl4ss (#49565971) Attached to: Holographic Principle Could Apply To Our Universe

number of dimensions? in what way?

current quantummumbojumbo that has already de-evolved into multiverse, current tech singularity ai-blabla etc already resemble ancient philosophical debates... in that they're silly to most people and seemingly also silly to those familiar in actual research and not "futurology" or whatever.

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 2) 544

by Rei (#49565763) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

I took a look at buying Stevia in the store awhile back. I am also a reader of contents labels, so I put it back on the shelf really fast. The first ingredient listed: dextrose

Boy you're a really clever one aren't you, catching onto secret calories in stevia that nobody else did?

First off, stevia is available in many different forms. Stevia is many times more potent than sugar in terms of sweetness, it's extremely hard to use pure (I have pure stevia - to use it pure you have to make very large batches and very tiny measurements!). To dilute it down you obviously have to mix it with something. There are all sorts of mixes, but there are two main categories: those that try for parity with sugar in terms of how much you use (which generally mix with maltodextrin), and those who try for a product that is much sweeter than sugar but not as extreme as pure stevia (these can come in a variety of forms, but a common blend is with dextrose). So yes, the dextrose has calories - but it's far outmatched in terms of sweetness by the stevia therein, so you only need to use a very small amount (depending on the ratio of the blend). The 1:1 parity versions as mentioned use maltodextrin, which is also caloric - but it's so light and fluffy that there's very little mass (and thus calories) per unit volume; basically, what the stevia is blended with is mostly air.

More fun facts about stevia here [].

Hahaha, Food Babe? Are you joking? The woman who says she hates air travel because they compress your bodies with high pressure air and it restricts your digestive organs? And how "the air that is pumped in isn’t pure oxygen either, it’s mixed with nitrogen, sometimes almost at 50%. To pump a greater amount of oxygen in costs money in terms of fuel and the airlines know this!" Or her microwave rant, where she talks about how microwave ovens are evil because once water has been microwaved it no longer crystalizes into pure forms when frozen, but rather into forms similar to water that has heard words like "hitler" and "satan"? This is your information source?

Yeah, I think I'll stay over here in the real world and not get my information from a living joke, thanks.

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 544

by Rei (#49565631) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

Having a strict target is not impossible, and when the difference between consumption and expenditure is on the order of 500 calories, you have room for error on both ends - on your estimation of your consumption and on the estimation of your burn.

There was a rousing ITV, or BBC, I don't remember, documentary on a woman

Whoa - throw away all of the scientific data, there's an anecdote here involving an TV show about an uncontrolled experiment whose data we can't see and whose name you can't even remember!

The human body works on calories. The human digestive system does not throw away energy from digestible substances. It's energy in vs. energy out.

Comment: Re:With the best will in the world... (Score 1) 416

by Rei (#49564703) Attached to: Audi Creates "Fuel of the Future" Using Just Carbon Dioxide and Water

Of that, its 1.4 litre turbo-charged diesel engine weighs about 90kg.

The engine, of course, being only part of the drivetrain components that can be eliminated by a switch to electric drive. Transmission, radiator, all fluids, fuel, the whole exhaust system, etc. In some designs you can even replace the driveshaft. You basically gut 90% of the moving parts.

The fuel tank holds about 42 litres of diesel weighing... whatever that weighs.

About 30 kilos.

It can do 600 miles urban or ~700 miles motorway, driving normally.

And that spec is relevant why? No seriously, please tell me. In what sort of realistic scenario is it critical to be able to drive for 700 miles nonstop without ever setting foot out of your car? How can you even do that? Do you not pee? Do you not eat? Even if you could it's not safe to drive that long nonstop, a person is supposed to take regular rest breaks. You stop for lunch, you plug your car into a fast charger, and you go off on your way afterwards.

The reason gas and diesel cars have such huge tanks has nothing at all to do with that being some sort of remotely practical requirement. It's to minimize a great inconvenience of ICE vehicles, that is, how often you have to go out of your way in your daily life at regular intervals in whatever weather it is and stand outside pumping fuel into your car. In your daily life, you never have to do this with EVs. Not once.

The longest range electric car that I can actually touch right now is the Tesla Model S; It's 3 times the size of my car, weighs over twice as much and has a third of the mileage, and costs 10x as much.

Really, we're going to compare a brand new luxury sports sedan with a used family car? That's the comparison we're going for? Have you tried comparing your car with a Bugatti Veyron?

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