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Comment Re:BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 1) 132 132

Ever heard the phrase "Divided by a common language?"

In British English a member of "the government" is not a Bureaucrat with a public service-style salary, it's the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. Where they use "government" we'd use "Administration" (as in: the Obama Administration).

Actually it means the same in America. Americans are just reallhy of stupid and blame the government for everything even remotely public. You can see this very often for instance with Obama being blamed for the actions of republican Governors.

Comment Re: Blocked (Score 2) 132 132

For those bot getting the "joke", GEMA is pretty much the German equivallent of the RIAA in the US.

They are notorious for geoblocking in Germany videos from youtube which contains content under their licensing rights... Even youtube channels from the artists themselves.

Actually they are notorious for Google blocking youtube videos claiming GEMA demanded it, even if they didn't.

Comment Re:Not the right tool (Score 1) 143 143

I wonder if a spreadsheet is really the right tool for computations that take several dozens of seconds on modern hardware, even without GPU acceleration. I am inclined to think it is not.

No, it isn't but many accountants and business controllers are using spreadsheets, some of them also learn SQL, but that isn't really all that much better for financial calculations (though better as a database which they also use spreadsheets for).

Comment Re:Adderall?... Complicted. (Score 1) 154 154

they would be forbidding people from taking their prescribed medication

No. They'd be forbidding people from taking part in the competition.

Probably depends on the drug. Several types of asthma medication is considered doping unless you have astma. If I remember correctly some 50% of professional bicycle riders officially have asthma.

Comment Re:Negotiating salaries is for the birds. (Score 1) 428 428

Unless they invent a bullshit "disciplinary" reason for the firing in which case you are out your job and the termination allowance you thought you were entitled to. Are you a white male? Good luck fighting that one out with a lawyer...

That is why you have unions.

Comment Adderall?... Complicted. (Score 3, Informative) 154 154

I was thinking it would be some ritalin based medicin, and adderall is particularly abused, and maybe shouldn't even be used the way it is. But this is important: It still requires a prescription to get, so in the end by banning it, they would be forbidding people from taking their prescribed medication. Even if it is widely abused, there are a some that needs it.

Even in cycling they allow drugs that are otherwise banned, if a doctor prescribes it and documents the athlete needs it.

Comment Re: "Pocket dialed"? (Score 1) 179 179

Confusing butt-dialed with booty call would be like confusing ladies' man with ladyboy.

While in college, a friend of mine had rounded up a group of about a dozen or so guys to go to the local strip joint for "playgirl" night.
They were about to head out when someone happened to point out that it was "playgirl" night not "playboy" night. I think it would
have been more fun if they would have just kept quiet and let them go ahead and go.

Yes, they would have had more fun. They might not have liked the strip show, but they would be in club full of horny women not afraid to show their sexual desires.

Comment Re:"Pocket dialed"? (Score 1) 179 179

I have this unconscious habit of hitting the power button before putting the phone in my pocket. I never even remember that I've done it or that it's required in order to lock the phone quickly.

The problem is then if the phone has locked on its own before you press the power button yourself, then you just started the unlocking process, which in some cases is just dragging something on the screen which happens when you insert the phone into your pocket, and then you have fully unlocked phone in your pocket, ready for pocket dialing and other shenanigans.

Comment Re:Actually, you CAN'T do that (Score 5, Interesting) 65 65

At higher energies, we can split that nucleus apart into protons and neutrons, and at still higher ones, into individual quarks

In one sense that seems to be something you really can't do. The force between free quarks increases with distance to about 10,000N, then remains constant (no, I have no idea how this makes any sense, but it's what I read). Any force sufficient to tear two quarks apart is sufficient to generate new quarks which then bind with the "free" quarks. So you never see quarks by themselves.

IANAP, though. Does the above really mean that if you had two free quarks separated by a kilometre or a light year, that there would still be that constant 10,000N force between them?

Plus that we are not even sure quarks are individual things. They might just be eigenvalues of particle properties, nice to calculate on, but not necessarily anything real in themselves.

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