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Comment: Re:Less profits for big banks (Score 2) 50

by Cardoor (#47773103) Attached to: Euro Bank Santander Commissions Study On Bitcoin's Impact On Banking
first and foremost, if you want to give someone cash for their bitcoins, im pretty sure you could find a willing participant on the other side.maybe it's at a discount to the nominal exchange rate (but presumably not as onerous as the 30-40% that 'better call saul' quoted walter white).

in any case, w/r/t money laundering, while technically correct on some points, your argument misses the larger purpose. money laundering is, at it's core, a means by which either illegal or simply non-tax-reported income can be re-introduced into the economy without alerting authorities for either purchases of goods/services, or for electronic transfer (ie, wiring money instead of trying to cross the border with suitcases full of cash).

to the extent that btc becomes ubiquitous in use, acceptance, and most importantly, the average persons 'wallet', then cash need not be *any* part of the initial illegal/untaxed transaction... while still providing purchasing power into the real economy for the new BTC owner, as well as immediate means of electronic transfer.

Comment: Re:Global Warming? (Score 1) 273

by Cardoor (#47756729) Attached to: Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor
it's completely related. the article discusses atlantic methane vents. given that they are of a much smaller and potentially earlier stage of development, it stands to reason to look elsewhere and see if there are any other data to point to a larger issue, and one which may set the stage for what could happen in the atlantic, and elsewhere. the magnitude and severity of the arctic activity speaks volumes, and to ignore it by saying 'same same, but different' is to put one's head in the sand.

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