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Comment: Re:email leak (Score 1) 476

when people mention reasons why they don't believe it, or ask real questions about it seeking clearer understanding, all we get is attacked, demeaned and insulted.

But you didn't ask any questions. Your post said

I was 100% on board with global warming until the email leaks

How insightful. What kind of a response do you expect if you haven't even looked into the CRU hacking case?

Now, the two important things we did learn from the CRU emails are that 1) denialists bombard the scientists with information requests, which is a drain on their resources and 2) there wasn't anything weird going on at CRU.

So, can you tell us why these facts made you doubt the existence of AGW?


GNOME 3.6 Released 230

Posted by samzenpus
from the get-it-while-it's-hot dept.
kthreadd writes "Gnome 3.6 is out. The announcement reads: 'The GNOME Project is proud to present GNOME 3.6, the third update to the 3.x series. This latest version of GNOME 3 includes a number of new features and enhancements, as well as many bug fixes and minor improvements. Together, they represent a significant upgrade to the GNOME 3 user experience.' Andreas Nilsson, President of the GNOME Foundation, said: 'The GNOME Foundation is proud to present this latest GNOME release, and I would like to congratulate the GNOME community on its achievement.' He described the release as 'an important milestone in our mission to bring a free and open computing environment to everyone.' New applications include Clocks and Boxes. Clocks is a world time clock, which allows you to keep an eye on what the local time is around the world. Boxes allows you to connect to other machines, either virtual or remote. For developers there's the new GtkLevelBar widget in GTK+, and GtkEntry can now use Pango attributes."

Comment: Re:And where does all this content come from? (Score 4, Interesting) 180

by Card (#40916795) Attached to: The Internet Archive Starts Seeding Over a Million Torrents
Ever heard of Hollywood accounting?

Hollywood accounting (also known as Hollywood bookkeeping) refers to the opaque accounting methods used by the film, video and television industry to budget and record profits for film projects. Expenditures can be inflated to reduce or eliminate the reported profit of the project thereby reducing the amount which the corporation must pay in royalties or other profit-sharing agreements, as these are based on the net profit.

How it works

An example is the Warner Bros. television series Babylon 5 created by J. Michael Straczynski. The series, which was profitable in each of its five seasons from 1993–1998, has garnered more than US$1 billion for Warner Bros., most recently US$500 million in DVD sales alone. But in the last profit statement given to Straczynski, Warner Bros. claimed the property was $80 million in debt. "Basically," says Straczynski, "by the terms of my contract, if a set on a WB movie burns down in Botswana, they can charge it against B5's profits."


The Web Is Not the Internet 412

Posted by timothy
from the and-please-don't-say-atm-machine dept.
pigrabbitbear writes with this rant from Motherboard.vice.com: "The Internet and the World Wide Web are not the same thing. They're not synonyms. They don't even serve the same function. And, just like how England is in the United Kingdom, but the United Kingdom isn't England, getting the distinction wrong means you can inadvertently sound like a dummy. Most of the time they can be used synonymously and no one will care, but if you're talking about history or technical stuff and you want to be accurate or a know-it-all or beat a computer at Jeopardy, you should know the difference. The Web was born at CERN in 1990, as a specific, visual protocol on the Internet, the global network of computers that began two decades earlier."

Comment: Some studios are ok (Score 1) 587

by Card (#39964579) Attached to: DVDs, Blu-Rays To Show 20-Second Unskippable Govt. Warnings

Some studios are playing nicely. Criterion Collection's discs don't have warnings, just their and occasionally Janus Films's logo. Same applies to Eureka's Masters of Cinema releases. Blue Underground's Zombi 2 has a 5 second FBI warning in the beginning, but to my astonishment the disc resumes playback from the previous position without prompting - the first disc I've seen that does this.

On the other end of the spectrum is Fox. Sigh.

Comment: Greenpeace opposes fusion research (Score 1) 188

by Card (#39728507) Attached to: Apple: Greenpeace's Cloud Critique Driven By Bogus Numbers

Excellent points. But did you know that Greenpeace is opposed to fusion research? In their own words:

Fusion energy - if it would ever operate - would create a serious waste problem, would emit large amounts of radioactive material and could be used to produce materials for nuclear weapons. A whole new set of nuclear risks would thus be created.

Contrast this with Fusion.org's FAQ (or consult your physics book):

The major conclusions reached by the SEAFP team in 1995 were that fusion has very good inherent safety qualities; there are no chain reactions and no production of 'actinides'. The worst possible accident originating in a fusion power station could not breach the confinement; any releases could not approach levels at which evacuation would be considered.

The radiotoxicity of a fusion power station's waste materials decays rapidly, and they present no accumulating or long-term burden on future generations. They would not need guaranteed isolation from the environment for very long timespans. In addition to these favourable results, fusion produces no climate-changing or atmosphere-polluting emissions.

I'm linking to archived version of the FAQ, since the current version seems to be dumbed down.


Web Developer Sentenced To Death In Iran 368

Posted by Soulskill
from the some-things-are-worse-than-sopa dept.
An anonymous reader points out the case of Saeed Malekpour, an Iranian-born permanent resident of Canada who worked as a web developer. In 2008, during a visit to Iran, Malekpour was arrested and detained by Iranian authorities on charges that he designed and moderated "adult content websites." In 2009, he was sentenced to death for "acting against the national security, insulting and desecrating the principles of Islam, and agitating the public mind." Malekpour wrote photo-uploading software, and in a letter he sent from prison, he said it was used by porn sites without his knowledge. This week an Iranian court reviewed the case and confirmed that the death sentence was an acceptable punishment. According to one Canadian publication, "Human rights monitors believe that Malekpour, one of a number of people held on Internet-related charges, is trapped by a convoluted justice system that is manipulated by rival factions in Iran."

MythBusters Bust House 631 Screenshot-sm

Posted by samzenpus
from the home-busters dept.
ewhac writes "The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the MythBusters accidentally sent a cannon ball hurtling through Dublin this afternoon, punching through a home, bouncing across a six-lane road, and ultimately coming to a rest inside a now-demolished Toyota minivan. Amazingly, there were no injuries. The ball was fired from a home-made cannon at the Alameda County Sheriff's Department bomb range, and was intended to strike a water target. Instead the ball missed the water, punched through a cinder-block wall, and skipped off the hill behind. Prior to today, the MythBusters had been shooting episodes at the bomb range for over seven years without major incident. It is not clear whether Savage/Hyneman or Belleci/Imahara/Byron were conducting the experiment."

Electronic Contact Lens Displays Pixels On the Eye 126

Posted by samzenpus
from the micro-display dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The future of augmented-reality technology is here — as long as you're a rabbit. Bioengineers have placed the first contact lenses containing electronic displays into the eyes of rabbits as a first step on the way to proving they are safe for humans. The bunnies suffered no ill effects, the researchers say."

Comment: Re:Adverts and lack of control (by the user) (Score 1) 360

by Card (#37636732) Attached to: Movie Industry: Loss of Control Worse Than Piracy

Whedon's Angel box exemplifies the studios' attitude towards the customers.

Season 1: Copyright warnings, Fox logo, menu. User can skip the warnings by pressing MENU.
Season 2: Copyright warnings, Fox logo, menu. User cannot skip the warnings anymore.
Season 5: YOU WOULDN'T STEAL A CAR. Fact.co.uk:s "It' illegal to copy this dvd" blurb. Fox logo. Menu.

Consider that each season has 6 dvds, and the constant blaring becomes rather tiring. The irony is that I quickly calculated the cost of downloading and possibly burning the entire show, and decided that it was far easier to pay the full box set price. Had I known about S5's menus, I would've reconsidered.


US Scientists Invited To Russian Yeti Hunt 195 Screenshot-sm

Posted by samzenpus
from the bring-two-pairs-of-boots dept.
First time accepted submitter Lindan9 writes "After an apparent increase of yeti sightings in the Kemerovo and Altai region of Siberia, a group of scientists from around the world are meeting to examine evidence possibly proving yeti existence. The scientists suspect there is a population of several dozen living in the area. The team hopes to spot a yeti or still living neanderthal man during their search of the area's mountains." I hope they find two pristine horns faster than I did.

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