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Comment Lockmart portable reactor in 2020? (Score 1) 193

I think fusion is coming a bit sooner than the ITER roadmap seems to imply....I hope. It doesn't really look like large scale tokamaks are the way to go, practically all the inner area (where the plasma meets the wall) needs to be replaced after every single run (millisecond runs at that). Canada's general fusion has a novel design using a braided design to naturally let the plasma confinement work, but I haven't heard much about it lately. There is also the laser focus pellet reactor designs, but I think the issue with that automating the pellet placement.

To me lockheed has the right approach, a smaller modular design also scales well. Rather than having to build giant nuclear plant like facilities.

Even if fusion does take another 30 years, we have plenty of good fission options, salt reactors are my personal favorite.

Comment Even though I got preview night tickets... (Score 2) 126

I have a feeling everyone is going to be starwars'ed out by new years. Disney needs to earn that 4 BILLION back.

It will be a very star wars christmas, It also should be noted that they own more than half of the radio and tv broadcast stations.....sometimes I really do feel like I live in the movie "They Live" with Obey, Conform, Consume messages everywhere.

....well, hopefully this one turns out better than the first prequel did.

Comment Re:Screw security (Score 1) 342

Funny story, I was looking at Rv's to purchase for camping along with various rv parks around me....that's when I started seeing ads for depends and catheters....

screw them, this stuff is getting out of hand. Now I just turn off javascript....everything loads faster or it breaks (in which case I just go somewhere else).

Comment Why is this surprising anymore? (Score 5, Interesting) 54

We have candidate "debates" that at best are "who can weasel their way out of a debate" contests.

A commander and chief that only reads things from a teleprompter written by other people.

Politicians that don't even hold themselves accountable for anything but lining their pockets through lobbyist.

A now nebulous "war on terror" costing some 1.6-1.7 TRILLION...part of which (iraq) was based on a lie.

A TSA agency that exists solely for safety theater

A huge data collection/retention/eves dropping system that blankets everyone

So no here we are, destroying evidence in public was just the next step.

Comment Re:Proof this is justified (Score 2) 38

That's another good point, what good does all this data collection do when the people you're looking for are 16-23 year old extremists that decided "last night" to ghost some plane full of randoms because the sermon was so moving the night before (which is what most of these "terrorists" seem to be...). You can't catch individuals using data collection when its done at random and on a whim.

This all assumes the individuals doing this are well coordinated and planned out, which I think the reality couldn't be further from the truth....

Comment Has anyone in power asked "to what end?" (Score 1) 38

It really boggles my mind just how nonchalant all this has been broached by...well pretty much both america and the uk officials. I just don't get it, they haven't caught anyone (that we know of) via all this surveillance than how can its excuse as a security measure actually be taken seriously. Why is all this intelligence gathering necessary from a security standpoint. Its seems to me the sheer bulk of data will obfuscate anything of worth for the most what's the point?

It's like secretly collecting all the medical data on each individual several times a year for multiple years on every person on the planet whether they want that or not, only to find "one" person with cancer. How does this make any ethical sense??

Comment Re:The new era of of victimization (Score 1) 478

I don't really understand it either, its sort of weird because I do spend a good amount online...reading and posting, and i've been trolled, I've even trolled back. But most of the time if I find something annoying, I do something else.

...I guess the matrix was right? Some people are so hopelessly plugged into a fictional world of opinions that it literally is their reality. I also get the feeling that 99% of the "issues" like this are hyperbole of the nth degree. Like people pretend its a systemic problem in the billions when in reality its like 50 people having an some issue.

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