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+ - All at sea - After 2 years sailing how can I get back into the workforce?

Submitted by
Captainmarts writes "3 years ago I was working on £M project mapping NASA windspeed data. I improved the accuracy of NASA's raw data from 80 to 95% under certain conditions using MATLAB to do all of the comparisons, corrections and developing algorithms to improve accuracy.

Now after buying a boat and sailing away for two years I'd like to re-enter the workforce doing something similarly worthwhile. The experience on the boat was spectacular, and exceptionally hard work (it was a bit of a wreck — not a gin palace). My question is what do I write on my CV that will help show that while I haven't been programming or project managing in the meantime I have been doing something that is worthwhile...?"

Comment: Other windspeed data sources (Score 5, Interesting) 111

by Captainmarts (#39420197) Attached to: Optimize Offshore Wind Farms Using Weather Modeling
I wonder whether they have considered using the WINDCSAN dataset. It's what I worked on for a couple of years developing much greater accuracies for offshore windspeeds than modelled data - and more accurate than the raw NASA data. We managed to achieve 95% accuracy when compared to in situ metmasts, far better than the 80% accuracy with the raw data. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WindScan

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