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Submission + - Cool low tech password generation and safe storage (

Captain_Chaos writes: This simple to use site generates a credit card sized card for you with random letters and numbers, indexed by a row of symbols along the top and colours along the rows. You can generate extremely secure passwords with this card, without having to remember them! Instead you just remember a coloured symbol, indicating the column and row of the first character of your password, and read it from there. The site is very easy to use. Just load the page and hit the Print button.

You keep the card in your wallet. You already protect that very well, and even if it does get stolen the thief is none the wiser since there are many tens of thousands of possible password combinations on the card. Choosing strong passwords and writing them down is recommended by the likes of security guru Bruce Schneier and Microsoft security expert Jesper Johanson.

You can use the PasswordCard on its own, but it also combines excellently with password storage tools such as KeePass. You can use the PasswordCard to generate the passwords, so that you can use the card itself as paper backup for when you don't have access to your password storage tool, and you can use PasswordCard to generate and remember your master password.

Technology (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone for sale in Netherlands for USD 250 (

Captain_Chaos writes: "According to the Automatisering Gids (article in Dutch) the iPhone is officially for sale in the Netherlands on the GSM Track online mobile phones store for € 189 (USD 250), many months before it was officially supposed to go on sale! It comes with a two year Telfort contract for € 30 (USD 40) a month, which is why it can be so cheap (the mobile phone operator subsidizes the phone). No news yet as to which firmware revision it has, or whether it is SIM-locked (though it almost certainly would be). Story in English here."

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