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Comment: I believe the review. (Score 1) 275

by CaptainCheese (#23898475) Attached to: Atari Tries To Supress Bad Reviews, Claims Piracy

On a tangent, refusing advance reviews and litigious behaviour towards the press attempting to produce prerelease reviews can mean only one thing. The game stinks on ice and Atari know it.

What really surprises me is that Atari have done anything whatsoever to draw attention to these reviews....perhaps one of the marketing team has misunderstood the phrase "no publicity is bad publicity" (i.e. don't be forgotten) to mean all publicity is good...


3D Crystal Grown On a DNA Lattice 61

Posted by kdawson
from the holy-grail dept.
An anonymous reader suggests an article over at ScienceDaily about the achievement of the holy grail of nanoscience: "[R]esearchers at the US Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have for the first time used DNA to guide the creation of three-dimensional, ordered, crystalline structures of nanoparticles. The ability to engineer such 3-D structures is essential to producing functional materials that take advantage of the unique properties that may exist at the nanoscale — for example, enhanced magnetism, improved catalytic activity, or new optical properties."

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