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by Reziac (#47954451) Attached to: Study: Chimpanzees Have Evolved To Kill Each Other

Absolutely true. Canids and felids in particular hunt more for sport than for food. Wolves have been observed having all sorts of fun killing an entire flock of sheep. Foxes hunt and kill mice and birds without eating 'em. And I used to have a cat who did nothing but hunt gophers all day long; within 3 years he'd completely exterminated them in my neighborhood.

Incidentally my neighbor runs a twice-weekly foxhunt, tho the usual quarry is coyotes (mostly chasing, they usually don't shoot 'em). The local coyotes have gotten so into being chased by dogs that they come down to the kennel the night before a hunt and get the dogs all riled up and ready to go.

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by Reziac (#47954405) Attached to: Study: Chimpanzees Have Evolved To Kill Each Other

Female dogs that have never had pups will often kill puppies. Presumably fewer of someone else's offspring means more resources when you have your own.

[This is a consistent enough behavior that I warn clients in no uncertain terms to never ever leave the new puppy alone with the adult dog, most especially the spayed female adult dog.]

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Any idea what the problem was, or maybe just trying to juggle two styles of driver access?

Now that you mention it, I'll have to check driver types when I have my old WinME setup handy again -- once I'd beaten it into submission, it ran 24/7 as the media-watching and image-editing box for two solid years without once needing a reboot (tho got restarted a couple times for twiddling hardware). Only got retired cuz I added an XP dual boot that took over the same jobs.

If mine had any VxD drivers, it woulda been the Matrox vidcard... but I became a Matrox bigot largely because their drivers never caused me any grief. Couldn't say that about various others.

Linux frustrates the hell out of me. I keep trying distros with hopes held high, only to find some showstopper issue (I am not willing to chase all over hell looking for fixes, it either works out of the box or it goes away), or that the performance is unbearably bad. Contrary to popular claims, I've found Linux with fullfledged desktops needs about 3x as much hardware to perform the same as concurrent Windows. :(

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by Daniel_Staal (#47942231) Attached to: Apple's "Warrant Canary" Has Died

From the Ars story on the article: Apparently there's some newish law that would keep them from commenting specifically on Section 215 - If they want to do aggregate disclosure they have to group it with disclosures under another law. (Section 702 - which we know they have received orders under, since it was in the Snowden files.) (They also have the option of doing non-aggregate disclosures, but they couldn't do it immediately.)

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by Reziac (#47933657) Attached to: More unsurprisingly conservative ads on slashdot

LOL! I don't think any amount of sex changing would turn some of these ...folks... into "real men" :D

You were Tom? [goes off, roots around] Well, you do sound different now... more relaxed. -- Long ago I had a TG friend whom I knew before, during, and after, and there was a personality transition.... to be expected, I think, under changing hormonal conditions. Ordinary biology. She had a sort of emotional crisis shortly after and I told her stop worrying, you're just going through puberty again. The light bulb went on and she was like "oh! then that's fine!"

But I'm glad you found yourself, that's what counts.

Not bothering to look at the alleged study, but I wonder if a combination of high estrogen and low cholesterol is the root of the issue; turns out high cholesterol in the elderly is protective against dementia.

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Or use Gmail with an email client and IMAP.

Might work, but doesn't solve any of this guy's problems.

And, an ISP that blocks email?

Sure. If the Internet service is that bad, I’m guessing it's some developing country that's nationalized the Internet. Therefore, they want you using their servers and services, because half the point is to make spying on you easier. Not particularly uncommon... (Often they'll only block it if it's encrypted or something like that.)

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Actually, an iPad sounds like exactly what he's looking for: Locked-down, with specific functions accessible. There's even some provisions for remote maintenance by authorized personnel. (He'd have to get OS X server and configure things first, I think, but it should be possible.) Main problem is dealing with connecting it to a dial-up link.

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You are making the assumption that Gmail isn't blocked, and that the users in question would be open to changing their email addresses.

Also, webmail over dialup has the distinct disadvantage of requiring you to be online to read your email. This ties up your phone line, and may cost money. Batch-download is normally a better solution over intermittent links: Connect to get your email, disconnect, read it, write replies, connect to send. Total time online: usually less than a minute.

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by bzipitidoo (#47931215) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?

This year, I went to the annual auto show in Dallas. What a total waste of money and time. The automakers who bothered to attend sent very junior people who didn't know anything. But they looked young and pretty. And that was their main selling point too: pretty. Pretty girls selling pretty cars. One of the few interesting cars there was a Nissan Leaf.

Don't know why they bothered having the show. If the show was an indication of the state of automobiling, I'd say they are out of ideas, and too gutless to try what few ideas they do have. Dealerships trying to stifle competition through legal technicalities makes them look really weak. Car makers need some serious shaking up, and Tesla may be the spark that sets off the forest fire. I hope batteries improve to the point that gasoline powered cars can no longer compete, and the public begins unloading them, rather like the way they unloaded SUVs in 2008 when the price of gas spiked, but more permanent.

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by wickerprints (#47930965) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?

You must be some paid shill, because that wasn't even REMOTELY the point of the GP post. The point is that the existing cost of the Tesla Model S already hits Anderman's price range, so the Model 3, being smaller and another three years out from now to improve battery manufacturing costs, should easily sell for a lower price point. But you wouldn't understand because you need it explained in one-syllable words, written in crayon.

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