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Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 1) 224

Ah yes, saturated is the same definition as "vivid" yet one is a compliment, and the other an insult.

It's not that I didn't know it had a definition, but that I wanted the idiot arguing with me to think about it.

And it's funny that I'm being accused of being a shill for Samsung. I'm the one pointing out OLED doesn't actually improve screens, and Samsung is one of the industry leaders in advertising OLED. Though even Samsung knows OLED sucks, so they only advertise AMOLED and its variants.

Comment Re:thats strange (Score 1) 131

Yeah, it's all a conspiracy to make Diesel look bad. Oh wait, follow the money. It's that the US makers can't make usable Diesel engines for cars, so the makers, not Big Oil are the ones that pushed for regulations that effectively made Diesel illegal in the US.

The only reason Diesel is popular in the rest of the world is that it's untaxed, compared to gasoline. In fact, some places it's literally untaxed, as the assumption when the taxes were written is that only large cargo trucks and farmers would use Diesel. The US has the same thing, where you can get farmer untaxed fuel which excludes the road taxes, as it's not for road use, it's just less common.

So it all comes back to the evil car makers, same as always. Big Oil gets blamed for things others do. They do evil, but much much less than the Big Oil haters assert.

Powerful elites just don't want the middle class and the poor to have a vehicle that gets that many miles to the gallon.

Yeah, that's why the Geo Metro XFI, which was more fuel efficient and cheaper than the expensive and inefficient Diesels, didn't sell. People don't want a light cheap car. People want a huge, heavy slow inefficient car. They want a house with wheels.

Your inability to see reality doesn't change reality.

Comment Re:It only cost GM $11 million so VW did it too (Score 3, Insightful) 131

GM settled for $11M. They didn't actually get fined in a judgement against them, it was a settlement. Nobody knows what would have happened. Part of the settlement was civil indemnity, so it was more like a bribe than a fine. A $45M bribe to make the whole thing go away. And few today remember it, and have to be reminded of it. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

So yeah, the "cost" to GM for the whole scandal was less than $100 per car. Sell a car fraudulently, pay the government $100, and be indemnified from all civil actions due to your fraud. Not a bad deal.

Comment Re:It varries (Score 1) 309

Outside the US, it's cheaper to buy from the US than locally, whether Dell or parts. Though buying from Dell US could be hard for those outside the US. But back to Lenovo, I like the Y70 (touchscreen gaming laptop), but it's almost twice the price outside the US. So I'd have to buy it in the US and ship it to myself (indirectly, as all the places that sell it online in the US refuse to ship it internationally). But US prices are very different than international prices sometimes, especially for comparing corporate prices.

Comment Re:It varries (Score 1) 309

Even building off sites like Newegg, it's hard to match specs with Dell. They build thousands at a time, and buy in bulk. I haven't done it recently, but the last time I tried, I took a Dell, and priced out the parts to buy off Newegg, and the Dell was much cheaper than I could build the same system for. Though, if they don't build what you want, you have to build it yourself. For a while they did more options for customization, and you could get most anything you wanted, but they have baked off that, as the people buying systems prefer it simple.

Though Dell (and others, I just use them as a named example so it can be fact checked) often has upgrades for more than the price. I've bought a laptop from Lenovo with 8G RAM. I paid $20 more for 1 DIMM, so I could put in my own 8G in the other slot, as the price of RAM was about 1/2 Lenovo's price for the upgrade.

Comment Re:Not replaced: serial and parallel ports. (Score 1) 269

The USB serial adapters work fine for doing stuff like that. But for getting one in a laptop, the costs are higher and specs lower, at least what the moron IT manager picked. An HP workstation laptop, no I don't remember the model. I just used my personal laptop for work, at 3 years old, it cost half the one he picked (when new) and was much better (faster, more memory and storage, better screen and graphics, etc.).

All to get a serial port in a laptop.

Comment Re:Where I live there are no mail trucks (Score 1) 218

Where I lived, the mailman parked on the street, walked a loop, and ended up back at the truck, and drove it 500 ft to the next street, to repeat his 3000 feet loop along the next block. The truck was never on a block the mailman wasn't. In colder climes, the boxes were on the street, so the mailman doesn't leave their vehicle.

The solution would be more fun with spud guns and self driving cars. Shoot the packages the last 100 ft, and have the automated cars get into range.

Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 814

Making the sentencing of men more equal to what women get doesn't make the women lose anything - it's not a subtraction.

It is if the means of making the sentencing equal is to increase the sentencing of women to match men, you would hold that women didn't lose anything?

As I said, you've used a flawed analogy, misrepresented my argument, and assumed a whole lot about me.

You are the one calling me feminist (then denying it, as if your implications weren't clear), when I can easily scroll up and see your words and their context.

I didn't misrepresent anything. I spoke about inequality in general, and how single-issue inequality leveling is inherently flawed.

You are content in your opinion being factually wrong, and lying about it to keep from having to think.

And I haven't even gotten into the reasons why your stated "inequality" isn't.

What would you prefer when the sole care giver of a child is sent to prison? Kill the kid, to keep things clean and easy? Or make them legal orphans, sending them through foster care, even when there's someone who wants to and is capable of taking care of them? Send the kids to prison, so the primary caregiver can take care of them?

No, often the choice made is to probate or shorten a caregiver's sentence so that whatever crime they did doesn't destroy the life of the child. Yes, the "anti-crime" people don't care about the child when sentencing the parent.

And women are more often victims of certain crimes. Such victimization gets considered at sentencing.

But the MRAs *want* there to be a difference. MRA was founded on complaints about the courts. Prick husbands beating their wives, disowning their kids, then fighting for custody after they get the child support bill. It's not about equality. It's about punishing women.

Comment Re:Video Production Hard Drives (Score 1) 269

Firewire uses 1 controller for one port. USB uses one controller for 4 ports.

I have 3 controllers for 4 USB ports in my computer. Two 2.0 on one controller, and one 3.0 controller each for the other two ports.

Use a 2.0 shared for HID or printer, and the 3.0 for one storage device each, or other high bandwidth/low latency devices.

Comment Re: Pretty much everything (Score 1) 269

I've played 2-player one-keyboard. Player 1 using 4-keys WASD style for movement, another 4 for view, 2-4 for weapons. moving forward right and looking back left requires holding 4 keys. Firing, one. 5x2 people is 10.

That's one case, I've also used games where you have 10 or more keys for abilities, and sometimes you want to mash buttons for all of them, clicking them as much/fast as you can without regard to order or precedence. But you want to hit them all. just because #10 is hit last, you don't want that keypress lost.

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