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Comment: Interesting... but nearly useless (Score 3, Insightful) 60

The major point of fonts is to improve communications. Clarity and lack of ambiguity are pretty much the main goals we are striving for, with style being important but not vital. These two decided to have some fun with what could be done, and they succeeded. Good for them. Unfortunately, in achieving the style, they failed on the clarity. Time to turn the page.

Comment: Re:Join the slashdot farewell: (Score 1) 78

by Captain Sarcastic (#46213229) Attached to: DARPA Seeks the Holy Grail of Search Engines

In this instance, by failing to read the wind, Dice bared this truth to all of us; reminded us that this community isn't really ours so much as it is theirs. Absolutely that was a hurt to the community.

Now that's something that I can take to the bank.

You see, I lost that aspect of it when I was seeing people posting line after line of "Fuck Beta", often anonymously, and often seeming to offer insults to anybody who felt differently.

You, on the other hand, have answered my questions without questioning my intelligence, or heaping scorn and abuse on my head for daring to have a different opinion, or generally resorting to name-calling, so I don't think you qualify for "bitter vituperation". <grin> Rather, you qualify as someone who helped me decide that this site is worth staying on. Thanks!

Comment: Re:Join the slashdot farewell: (Score 2) 78

by Captain Sarcastic (#46211623) Attached to: DARPA Seeks the Holy Grail of Search Engines

You're a fucking idiot. Slashdot isn't about the articles and it isn't about the fucking pathetic summaries. Slashdot is about the user-generated content. Slashdot is the comments.

Now, you think all that time spent by knowledgable members posting all that good stuff comes free? People invested their time, care and attention here. Slashdot isn't a fucking TV. Slashdot is a community.

The reason the response was negative and loud is because the beta makes it harder to follow threads. It makes it harder to follow discussion context. It makes it harder to comment within the discussion context.The beta redesign ruins the community experience. Dice is trying to turn Slashdot into another Digg or Reddit. Soon, you'll be flooded with ads you can't turn off, looking for the useful, informative and interesting comments that used to be posted here. Fuck that shit.


Now, at least some reasoned, if seemingly over-wrought, debate.

You argue that the content, being user-provided, will go away if people are unable to see the content organized in a sensible fashion. Okay, I can buy that. I also hadn't considered that since the content is provided by users, they might have a reason to be a bit more passionate about how their thoughts are presented.

What I don't get is the need for insult to anybody who disagrees, or the call to leave Slashdot in droves even after they acknowledged that the beta was not working out and removed it.

And, again, I submit that you have validated my other point. Bitter vituperation towards the failed beta, even after it's gone, may do as much to drive away readership as the beta

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