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Comment: Lots of Options (Score 1) 766

by Captain Jack Taylor (#31211780) Attached to: Which Linux For Non-Techie Windows Users?
My mother uses Ubuntu and likes it. I've also found Puppy and Sabayon to be great distros to give to grandparents, kids, and other people with no computer knowledge. Heck, I use Ubuntu MYSELF, because I like the fact that it's easy to use on the surface, but lets me hack away at things deep down. Mint is a good alternative to Ubuntu, but I find the Ubuntu guys are starting to outpace them. Good distro though.

Comment: Re:GPL Grey Area (Score 1) 313

by Captain Jack Taylor (#28453679) Attached to: Atari Sub-Sub-Contractor Used ScummVM For Wii Game
All they ACTUALLY need to do is include the license for the VM in the game's documentation, along with the source code adapting ScummVM to the Wii and whatever additional extensions to it they wrote. Nintendo has gone from being the only reasonable company in the industry to being another bunch of scumbags. My DS is the last piece of Nintendo hardware I will buy until they get back with the whole "human race moving forward" thing.

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