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Comment: Re:Nope, it's the homeless (Score 1) 318

The homeless I see often near my work.
Crying baglady. (Always on the same corner, amd always crying.)
Shirtless birthday guy. (It is always his birthday, and he moves corners.)
Homeless HIV+ guy. (He is so unflaggingly upbeat and positive, [pun intended], that I have given him a few bucks once in a while.)
I need to get to $PLACE to see my daughter. (I fell for it the first time I saw him. Now I loudly call him on his BS.)

Comment: Re:Are these the same editors who.. (Score 1) 544

by Capt.DrumkenBum (#46650193) Attached to: 60 Minutes Dubbed Engines Noise Over Tesla Model S

the propeller noises to the jet in "Airplane!" ?

I am quite sure that was done on purpose. You know, that was the joke...
Perhaps they should have just used a whooshing sound instead.
(For the humour impaired, the whooshing sound is the sound of the joke passing right over someones head.) :)

+ - Morse code test requirement to be reinstated for Amateur Radio License-> 1

Submitted by H0ek
H0ek (86256) writes "One of the standards of excellence required to possess an Amateur Radio License was to pass a test of Morse Code sending and receiving capabilities. At the beginning of 1991 this requirement was removed for Technician Class licenses, and finally in 2007 this requirement was removed for General and Amateur Extra Classes. This will now be reversed and all new applicants will be required to submit to the Morse Code test again. Also, all previous no-code licensees will have a specific length of time to renew their license with the new code test requirements. This can either been seen as restoring a badge of honor to the venerable amateur radio license system, or the death knell for a crotchety old system fading away in a world of community-wide wifi and mobile communications."
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