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Comment: Not always a good idea. (Score 0) 119

by Capsy (#29776115) Attached to: <em>New Super Mario Bros. Wii</em> Attempts To Bridge Casual/Hardcore Divide

As all attempts to make a game suitable for all types of gamers have failed, this is generally a bad idea. For instance, in the competitive gameplay, the one where you attain ranks, this may provoke people that play casually to start playing hardcore, or turn casual players away from the gametype all together, since they will never attain as high of a rank as a person who spends all night on the game. While this is a novel concept, it's generally doomed to fail as it has the potential to either pull many people into the hardcore style, or push a lot of them away.

Comment: Sony has no idea what they've just done. (Score 0) 261

by Capsy (#29655111) Attached to: Why the Sony PSP Had To "Go"

As long as there are modders, hackers, pirates and nerds, people WILL find a way to pirate copyrighted material. And, since theyve made it an all digital format now, simply buying the software off the online store for the PSP Go HAS to save it SOMEWHERE into the device. Otherwise, it's unlikely that you'd have access to the game without some sort of WiFi. Now, being that the data is now in your possession, it's just a matter of cracking into the data files and extracting the game or whatever. Well done Sony, well done.

Comment: Let's think logically. (Score 1) 406

by Capsy (#29643261) Attached to: Hidden Fees Discovered For "Free" Windows 7 Upgrade

Ok, when I purchased a new notebook from ibuypower, it came with Vista 64-bit, and a free coupon to upgrade to Win7 64-bit. Even if I have to pay $17 to have it shipped to me, who cares? I just got a free licensed copy of Win7 64-bit. Definitely beats paying $120-$200 on the same thing at Best Buy or Walmart. Besides, hidden fees on free things are old news.

Comment: Wow, fascinating. (Score -1, Offtopic) 86

by Capsy (#29643017) Attached to: Algae First To Recover After Asteroid Strike

Honestly, I think we get a little too hyped about this prehistoric stuff. I mean, if this was 65 million years ago, you will never truely know what was going on unless you invent a time machine. Yes, I know, they've scientifically proven that a celestial body did indeed impact the Earth, and yeah, a bunch of stuff died. Now, take these intelligent human beings that study prehistoric times. Given the fact that it actually requires an abundance of gray matter to figure stuff like this out, as well as a lot of time to do the research and field work, these individuals could easily be tasked to do something important. Something like finding a way to replace gasoline effectively, or curing cancer. Just an opinion, but probably off topic. At any rate, algae and bacteria are obviously going to bounce back faster than everything else. They are simple organisms. Algae may not be single celled, but it's a hell of a lot simpler than a fish. Just an observation.


+ - MS Word Banned in U.S.

Submitted by Capsy
Capsy (1644737) writes "I found this in MaximumPC, but it's an eye opener.

"An East Texas District Court Judge has ordered Microsoft to stop "selling or importing to the United States any Microsoft Word products that have the capability of opening .xml, .docx, or .docm files (XML files) containing custom XML." The injunction is the result of a complaint filed by Toronto-based i4i alleging Microsoft violated its 1998 patent (No. 5,787,449) on a method for reading XML. "We are disappointed by the court's ruling," Microsoft spokesman Kevin Kutz said in a statement. "We believe the evidence clearly demonstrated the i4i patent is invalid. We will appeal the verdict." The judge also ordered Microsoft pay i4i $240 million in damages plus court costs and interest. All tallied, the fine is estimated to be more than $290 million. The ruling, whish applies to Word 2003 and Word 2007, takes effect in 60 days."

Comment: Microsoft at it's finest, (Score 3, Interesting) 332

by Capsy (#29634121) Attached to: Vista Share Drops for the First Time In Two Years

Now, while I've always maintained that Microsoft is an evil bloodsucking corporation, gaming would not be what it is today without Windows 98. Being that I run Vista, and it is forever crashing me out of classic games such as Warcraft III and Sacred Gold, not too mention the core compatibility issues for certain games and their online features, I've often times looked to switching to a Linux OS. But, the problem there is Linux, quite simply, is not up to snuff on gaming as of yet. Sure, Wine made it much easier to play games on Linux, but the fact is, most people simply won't swap because of the simple fact you have to find the correct drivers for the OS your on for your hardware, you have to install and configure Wine, and even learn to use commands. Since most people at this point in time are so established in Windows, the number of Windows gamers vs the number of Linux gamers is obviously in Microsoft's favor. This is why they aren't overly concerned with Vista's shitty performance, and this is also why they haven't been breaking their balls trying to fix it. Yes, I know, 7 is their "fix", but you have to realize, Microsoft doesn't particularly care about us anymore.

Comment: For the love of Stars! (Score 1) 3

by Capsy (#29633679) Attached to: Google employee gives up Microsoft MVP status

What a shocker. Microsoft and Google at odds, again. Could be because of Android, could be because of Chrome, but at any rate, I'm sick and tired of this "Google vs. Microsoft" crap. Both companies have useful software, both companies are run by greedy people, and both companies are on my shit list. Is anyone else tired of this silly dance these corporations are doing?

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