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Comment: Re:Hopefully (Score 1) 796

by CapnStank (#39676325) Attached to: Indian Man Charged With Blasphemy For Exposing "Miracle"
Its regarding demographics. The younger culture (Teens -> late 20s) are the dominant presence in online forums such as slashdot or reddit so you'll naturally see a lot more vocal presence in these areas. The same age group happens to be more agnostic or atheist than the older generations. If we had an equal weighting of boomers present you'd see their religious views more frequently.

Comment: Re:News to me (Score 1) 672

by CapnStank (#39125221) Attached to: Have Bad Cars Gone Extinct?
You're somewhat lucky then. My ex-gf had an '06 Cavalier at the same time I was driving a '99 Golf. In the time I had to replace my plugs/wires her electronic cluster had 3 separate, unrelated issues, the muffler's insides fell apart, two issues with the alternator and issues with the fuel injection. Keep in mind I only had my Golf for about 9 months before it got in an accident and totalled. I drove a '99 Acura Integra for 3 years after that with only wear & tear issues the entire time.

Comment: Re:When can we get Reddit's moderation system on / (Score 2) 241

by CapnStank (#38668564) Attached to: Reddit Turning SOPA "Blackout" Into a "Learn-In"
I tend to disagree. Reddit has a strong arm of users who vouch for the "reddiquitte" and defend those who are backing opinion with tangible facts. Its rare that you see a well written post that gets downvoted into hiding so long as it doesn't flame others or use emotionally charged wording. Sure it wont necessarily reach top comment status but it is still visible.

Comment: Re:Release Date for PC (Score 4, Insightful) 344

by CapnStank (#38656136) Attached to: <em>Diablo 3</em> Coming To Consoles
I don't think its so much of an argument as to whether or not Pandaren were made up on the spot or not but more of an argument about whether that's the best Blizzard has to offer the franchise at this point. The last expansion was rehashing an old raid boss. Before that it was tieing off the ends of an old story arc. Now it seems they're forced to provide content that seems silly by the outside spectators and not those completely engrossed in the lore. I quit WoW shortly after the Lich King became an actual raid boss and I look at what content they've added and feel its become rather silly.

Blizzard would be better off at this point to cut ties to WoW and help people transition to a new MMO with fresh start instead of attempting patches to WoW to make it flow better and *seem* original.

Obviously just my opinion. I haven't marketed any multi-million/billion dollar franchises so my view is obviously skewed.

Comment: Re:Are yellows in Denver really short? (Score 3, Informative) 433

by CapnStank (#38436730) Attached to: Denver Must Prove Red-Light Cameras Improve Safety
Correct! Most people think its ok to smash into people making an illegal maneuver: a friend of a friend recently lost his car because he was illegally parked and someone smashed into it. He got a parking ticket, they got an at-fault accident, point deductions, hefty fine etc. etc. As a driver it is your responsibility to know where you're going and if you're able to safely proceed, it is NOT your right to randomly punch the gas because someone else is breaking the law.

Comment: Re:They don't want to (Score 5, Interesting) 477

by CapnStank (#38402740) Attached to: Congress's Techno-Ignorance No Longer Funny
You're right. But if in the event that a professional is lacking knowledge in a certain area it is their ethical duty to consult someone who does. In their case they're plugging their ears and whistling tunes while the experts cite facts that go against the opinion of the corporations backing the bill. Its not even fair in this case where the experts are coming forward in droves to lend knowledge to the matter and they're being silenced in favor of half-baked opinions loosely tied to anecdotal events that may or may not be actually true.

Comment: Re:No (Score 1) 287

by CapnStank (#38385282) Attached to: At Universal's Request, YouTube Yanks News Podcast Over Music Snippet
Its not just about youtube, it also includes every website on the internet. So what does that mean? It means if I want to start an online business that happens to have a high profile competitor they might not take a liking to me existing and just use SOPA to bring me down. What if I'm an established seller and someone big decides to branch into new markets and doesn't like me. That could be equally detrimental to my livelihood if I am unable to afford a lawyer to fight this frivolous crap coming out of the USA (hint, I'm not American).

Comment: Wow (Score 4, Informative) 340

by CapnStank (#38346696) Attached to: Site Offers History of Torrent Downloads By IP
I sort of tire of the ol' Slashdot jumping to conclusions but here's how it works:

1. They visit public tracker websites.
2. They query the tracker for a list of peers given a torrent hash (not difficult)
3. Dump all data into the database that can be searched through their website

That means your data is not on there if you're a torrent user because you're using a tracker they aren't indexing or you have a dynamic ip that they haven't categorized yet. In the same way this is why you can get false positives. All this B.S. about honey pots or fear mongering is dumb considering how straight forward this website is.

Comment: Wronnggggg (Score 1) 839

by CapnStank (#38270490) Attached to: TV Isn't Broken, So Why Fix It?
Why is TV Broken to the consumer? Because no one wants to wait for anything. I want to watch show X *now* and I don't want ads. I want to be able to rewind, pause and everything else that comes great with a TV viewing experience. Has PVR solved this? Kind of, but it still is at the mercy of TV where you only get to watch what you've recorded and space can be limited.

People have realized all these faults. That is why so many people move away from TV now towards over-the-top offerings that have the "on demand" nailed down. How are we going to save TV? By providing features that pre-recorded alternatives can't offer. For the most part that means enhancing Live TV. You want to see sport stats of the player that's up to bat? Good, its right here. Can't decide what to watch? Have your TV remind you when favorite shows are coming on based on your viewing history. Want a little trivia info on the current movie/actor? Bam!

TV was traditionally passive and it failed. I don't want to watch reruns and I don't want to have to wait 15 minutes for the next episode to start because its borrrinngggg. TV needs work to keep people interested or else they'll go to streaming options. Don't fight it. Don't pretend its not an issue because it is. What makes me think I can speak on the subject? I work for an telecom that has IPTV offerings and spent about a year doing application development and server administration for the IPTV service. A lot of that time was dealing with marketing and understanding the trends in the market to keep my job.

Comment: Re:This is why I will never trust cloud services (Score 4, Insightful) 388

by CapnStank (#38267324) Attached to: IT Pros Can't Resist Peeking At Privileged Info
I disagree.... a person lacking confidence would probably be pissed no matter what and was just looking for validation. My friends and I in the same field openly discuss our wages/benefits only to know what's available out there. Am I getting screwed? Why is my pay lower? Is the grass *really* greener? No one openly gets upset with it.

Comment: Re:Can't someone sue the carriers? (Score 1) 322

by CapnStank (#38213462) Attached to: Android Dev Demonstrates CarrierIQ Phone Logging Software On Video
Depends on where you're from. In parts Canada we have privacy laws that state that if a company is going to receive private information from you they have to explicitly disclose how/where it will be used. Failure to notify the customer when you are about to use the data for an unintended purpose can weigh a hefty fine on the company.

Where the ambiguity comes in is where we draw the line as "private information". Is your conversation or web history considered private? You'd have to convince the courts should you take it that far.
Source: Ex-programmer for telecom provider within Canada from the billing and revenue software department. We had privacy laws rammed down our throat due to our access to production databases.

+ - AT&T offers LTE just to cap users who use it-> 1

Submitted by realized
realized (2472730) writes "We have all heard of soft caps put on by cell phone carriers. AT&T, Verizon and others alike have all said that they will (and have already started to), “throttle” users in the top 5% of data usage. With LTE starting to be deployed to multiple markets now this seems to be more of a problem. AT&T and Verizon are selling LTE phones and once users realize they can watch movies, download games, etc without lag on the new technology, are overnight getting capped. At LTE Speeds of 30-50MB/sec it’s very easy to hit the “soft cap” in place. The cap, according to some XDA members, seems to be anywhere from 4gb to 8gb/month. What is the point of offering LTE if you aren’t able to handle the small percentage of users that have LTE devices in those areas? Is this a bandwidth problem or a licensing problem with the wireless spectrum? Is 4, 6, or even 10 gb/month really abuse?"
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