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Comment Save me! (Score 1) 662

All these comments filled with your micro-aggressions totals to over one mini-aggression.

I will report this site and its contributors to the nearest college student president. Then I'll be off to find my non-denominational, mono-gendered Yoda doll and vegan, cruelty-free GreenLube then proceed to sooth my hurt feelings.

Comment Re:Two simple suggestions. (Score 4, Insightful) 1822

Trolls have always been an integral part of slashdot, and part of the "uncensored" appeal of the site.

Agree 100%. To this day I still laugh at myself when I get suckered into a goatse/rosebud/tubgirl click. If ye can't handle the gutter, read at +2 or higher.

To reference back to an old post of mine from 2003 ''Reading /. at -1 is like driving through Cracktown in a covertible that's stuck in first gear. There's a whole culture "down here"''

Comment Re:duh (Score 1) 182

Thanks. I was just looking for a nice font of this general sort. Now if I could find it in monospace, which is what I really need for my application... (Liberation Mono is fairly good but not "strong" enough visually.)

As to TFA, some years ago I noticed that some new Interstate signs had crappy legibility because the font was more tall and narrow than the old font. Lo and behold, finally I know why!

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