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by CannonballHead (#46359275) Attached to: Apple Drops Snow Leopard Security Updates, Doesn't Tell Anyone

I think the summary was actually saying that Apple did NOT clearly spell out its support schedules like many other software companies DO. Rough quote - "this would not be noteworthy if Apple, like other software vendors, DID...."

So it's saying other software vendors DO do that, but Apple does not. Which is what you're saying. Can't we all just get along... ;)

For all of Microsoft's failures, bad business practices (particularly in the past), etc., they seem to be doing some things right these days. I'm not too big of a fan of the new start screen (easily fixed) ... although my wife, while finding parts of it annoying, also finds it somewhat intuitive ... but Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 seem to be pretty solid OSes.

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by CannonballHead (#45622913) Attached to: U.S. Measles Cases Triple In 2013

Other than the simple examples (polio, smallpox, etc.) ... could you elaborate? Say, for example, the Hep. B vaccine given to infants (as in, at birth)?

Are you arguing for vaccination in general or arguing, specifically, for every single vaccination that is recommended?

It's simply not as clear as you want to believe, with reference specific vaccines. And no, I don't actually subscribe to the debunked/fraudulent vaccine-gut-autism link by Wakefield. But I have actually looked for specific data regarding specific vaccines and found them to be incredibly lacking. Or non-existent.

In the case of the Hep B vaccine, it is given to infants, and yet, according to the CDC, the way infants get Hep B:
How does a baby get Hepatitis B?
A baby can get Hepatitis B from an infected mother during childbirth.

But the infant is given the vaccine regardless of whether the mother has it. Huh. Yes, there are risks related to Hep B, but what are those risks to the infant if the mother is actually tested? Suddenly, we are narrowing it down to the risk of getting Hep B and the risks of the illness itself ... narrowing those risks down to the amount of women who are tested for Hep B and are given a false negative...

tl;dr: don't assume that people who refuse individual vaccines (1) think all vaccines are bad and (2) only research quack sites.

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by CannonballHead (#45619517) Attached to: Get Ready For a Streaming Music Die-Off
I don't know if Magnatune is financially viable, but I appreciate their business model. They used to actually sell albums, now they just do a monthly service thing but you can download/listen to as much as you want, as I recall? And they don't try to own your files once you download them, etc. And, from what I recall, artists get 50%, Magnatune gets 50%.

It seems fair, and there are a lot of decent artists, especially if you are into world or folk music. Lots of good classical stuff, too (smaller ensembles, not really big orchestra types).

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by CannonballHead (#45477465) Attached to: Monthly net electricity use in my household:

We don't have gas and we have our own (rather deep) well and pumps.

All the people that have city-provided water and gas, their electric bill doesn't really give a good picture "energy usage." :) (granted, I'm sure it's much more efficient to provide pressurized water city-wide vs. house-by-house)

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