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Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 1) 256

"I absolutely agree. They have THE WORST programmers/statisticians working on this. "

Idiot. I work in this industry. The fraud and authorization teams have our BEST programmers, analysts, and engineers, the most resources, and perform brilliantly. They are one of the most important KEYS to our success. And they are under constant scrutiny internally.

Pretend you know anything about this.

Comment Re: This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 1) 256

0. Ditto that, merchants expect an authorization response between 20-100 ms. Doing effective fraud detection is an interesting proposition. You can justify slower responses for some fraction of transactions if you are enhancing the testing of them for fraud, though for big retailers be ready to justify the delays if they get noticed.

1. New cards are not a very good solution for fraud, since a cardholder can be a victim of 3-6 breaches a year. Sooner or later you run out of account numbers. And you're doing fraud detection anyways, so just included parameters from the breach, and watch the attempts bounce off your system. Plus, cardholders like me resent having to change so many bill pay systems when they change my debit or credit cards. Very disruptive. Some systems permit the previous (assumed compromised) card to stay active, for instance for subscriptions. Yes, AOL took advantage of this to the point that they were indistinguishable from fraudulent activity for a while. There are others. The dispute process usually nails these miscreants.

2. Contrary to popular myth, card issuers do have a stake in fraud prevention. The inevitable disputes cost money to process, cardholder satisfaction falls and other issuers will happily use surveys to find out you're slipping in satisfaction and dive in. It's competitive. Fraud is a potential detractor.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 521

I used to live where tap water was excellent. One place, the water supply was naturally substantially better than any government standard, by a wide margin, the municipal water utility owned outright the ponds used as source. The other place, I was drinking water from the same aquifer as one of the most famous brands of bottled water in the US. A third, from a lake that, while used by motorboats and camps, was the very same aquifer as that famous bottled water brand. Indistinguishable from the bottled stuff.

Boy, do I miss it. When we go back on vacation, I revel in tap water.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 521

Despite the advertising, Britta is not good enough to make my tap water in any way palatable enough to compete with bottled water.

Or RO water. We have an RO system, just as good as bottled water, so it suffices, and I use very little bottled water.

ps - If you do not know what RO is, you're unable to fully participate in this conversation. Read and learn.

Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 1) 172

Actually, it is, unless you assign an airframe to a specific pilot, which can be done, but limits your operational readiness.

Think it through. Messing around the bottom of an installed ejection seat is so dangerous the technicians doing so usually have absolute authority over the aircraft when doing so. NOBODY touches that aircraft when Egress is working.

Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 1) 172

And the resulting debris from the retaliation would render LEO useless.

Move to the next orbital band, same problem eventually. The real problem with space warfare is the debris. Policing the battlefield is surprising important on Earth. In space, much, much more difficult, with even more disastrous consequences.

Comment Re:America (Score 1) 355

"Bernie is sounding better all the time."

Bernie is promising to use government to change the economy, etc.

How is this different than the current crop of politicians?

We've tried this for a while. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is indistinguishable from insanity.

Comment Re: America (Score 1) 355

"there are Presidents who know how to inspire the economy. I suspect Bernie Sanders would be one of them."

Wow. His proposals all seem so reasonable unless you consider they rely upon, indeed are, straw man arguments, based on flawed economics, and possibly violate our Constitution.

"I mean do you actually think Hillary Clinton or any of the clown car posse of Republicans would do a better job?"

That's not the question for me. I'm afraid of the job Bernie would do. Doing it better is even more dangerous to me. Literally.

Comment Re:America (Score 1) 355

"Has the second amendment helped US citizens regain their "lost" freedom ?"

It certainly hasn't caused an accelerated loss of freedoms. Trust me, if the Second Amendment were compromised or limited further, the government would not be less able to take American's freedoms from them.

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