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Comment: Apple will *never* release Mac OS X... (Score 1) 1012

by Cannelloni (#29974994) Attached to: Mac OS X 10.6.2 Will Block Atom Processors
...for hackintoshes, period. If you want to run Mac OS X and Mac applications properly, you can just buy an Apple machine. Apple will not likely give away it's crown jewels to some cheap-ass laptop maker. Why is this so hard to understand? I mean people have been posing the same old question since 1984. Apple is, and has always been, the Mac OS (or, originally, the System), bundled software and hardware that's extremely tightly integrated with the software, and this will *never* change.

Comment: A clear case (Score 1) 667

by Cannelloni (#29767047) Attached to: Toyota Claims Woman "Opted In" To Faux Email Stalking
This possibly the stupidest advertising campaign I have ever heard of. How does this build confidence in the Toyota brand? How does this treat the customer in a respectful manner? How does this make people buy Toyota Matrix cars? The very unprofessional and careless people responsible for this at Saatchi & Saatchi and the people at Toyota who signed the approval should be fired immediately. Yes, this woman was probably not really in real distress, but maybe she should have the money just to make sure this kind of advertising never happens again. Unless, of course, further evidence reveals that it was clearly stated, or plainly understood from the very beginning, that this campaign was a joke.

Comment: The levels are VERY low (Score 1) 515

by Cannelloni (#28843539) Attached to: English DJ Claims Wi-Fi Allergy
I measured the RF levels of all electric and electronic devices I had in the office and at home, and the Wi-Fi base stations had the radio emissions of all the devices I tested. An old CRT TV and a microwave oven had moderate levels and my GSM mobile phone was by far the most high-powered of them all! That is not to say this man hasn't got problems, but the symptoms are cause not by wireless base stations but by something else, his stress levels or social situation in life perhaps. It could be he simply suffers from severe sleep deprivation. Now, I am NOT putting him down. I take this VERY seriously because I have been suffering from stress myself, but I know there is treatment for this in the form of medication and therapy. Base stations are however, and I can say this with some level of confidence, absolutely harmless because the power levels are so very low compared to all the other RF we are constantky surrounded by in the modern world.

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