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Submission + - The Streisand Effect: A Florida journalist's smear and censor campaign backfires-> 2

An anonymous reader writes: A tragic death, freedom of speech, libel, defamation, legal threats, unethical journalism, reddit's /r/bicycling, and The Streisand effect. A South Florida "journalist" is called out for running a smear story, doubles down on his position, publicly attacks commenters and reddit, and threatens legal action when a disturbing conflict of interest is exposed.
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Comment Re:ugh (Score 1) 267

You haven't been involved in many listening tests, have you? It is a lot of work to complete a single package. You are probably not going to get good results at more than a package a day. It's a slow process, and your ears get fatigued quite quickly. Grabbing all of them is overkill.

And you'll probably be pleasantly surprised at just how good MP3 can sound at 128...

Comment Re:Outdated? (Score 2, Informative) 267

Other codecs have been tested previously. Blind testing codecs is very labour-intensive and these events do not happen frequently. This test is expressly centred around MP3. If you'd like, drop by Hydrogenaudio and come take a look at the other listening tests that have been co-ordinated. There have been many through the years.

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