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Comment: because half the people with iphones (Score 1) 211

by goombah99 (#47953817) Attached to: Why the iPhone 6 Has the Same Base Memory As the iPhone 5

don't need 16Megs. People on slashdot criticize apple for forcing you to buy features you don't need. Now you critize apple for making the base model something not geek worthy. they are offering what their customers need. Chances are the number of songs or photos you want to keep stored on your iphone at any time isn't geoing with time. and that's the majority of the space usage on most people's phones. With icloud and beats streaming that need is going to dramatically shrink as well. The only thing likely to really be a space hog is more tricked out games and things that use the greater pixels of the large phones. But as I said, at the moment it's photos and music that dominate the storage needs and those will be going down not up.

Comment: Re:The US already had this power for a long time (Score 1) 236

by martin-boundary (#47952653) Attached to: Putin To Discuss Plans For Disconnecting Russia From the Internet

Not all root servers are in the US. Not all root servers are controlled by US companies/government agencies.

You're being naive. As we saw from the leaks last year, if the *hardware* is American, then it's controlled by the US govt. The NSA forces US companies to include hardware modifications into the products they sell, to enable spying and control even through an airgap.

So yeah, maybe that root server isn't physically in the US, but it's obviously critical strategic infrastructure, and you can assume that the US has hidden controls inside some of the chips to help take over the network if they want to.

Comment: Re:And they wonder why I block ads... (Score 4, Interesting) 192

Actually, I block ads because I *can*.

This whole idea that seems to be pervasive on the net that I should find a "legitimate" excuse to block out the commercial crap that ad companies want to stick down my throat is insidious. l don't need an excuse like "it's malware", I reserve the right to filter out any and all information I don't like. I reserve the right to pick and choose the fonts, to pick and choose the colours, to pick and choose the pictures, and to pick and choose the bits of content of every web page that's offered to me.

I don't accept package deals. I don't care about the experience the content provider wants me to have. I don't care that companies have stupid business models where they try to sell ad space, or try to collect my data to make their ends meet. It's not my problem, and I'll ignore it just because I feel like it. The fact that I'm also blocking malware is just icing on the cake. And if I'm bored, I'll teach others how to do all that too. Just because I'm bored.

I'm not some guest on somebody else's net, where I'm supposed to stay inside a walled garden of bullshit and I need permission to sit down on a chair. It's as much my web as everyone else's, and I'll do what I please with the bits going through my section of tube, malwaew or no malware.

Comment: Re:Alibaba's AliExpress store is ripe with fakes (Score 2, Interesting) 184

by goombah99 (#47952139) Attached to: Why a Chinese Company Is the Biggest IPO Ever In the US

Yes alibaba is a theives market. Alibaba does little to root this out too. Moreover the entire china small items trade competiveness relys on the rediculous postage rates (low) that allows delivery in the US for a mere $1 worth of postage. Finally all the small vendors lie about the item in the postage to evade customs charges.

Amazon could make great noises and will.

On the other hand who owns Alibaba's 120 billion? Americans now. If the congress sicks their dogs on ALibaba it's the same as pilfering 120 billion from investors.

Meanwhile amazon has a PE nearing 1000 (who are they kidding?). AMazon's 1000 PE is justifed only on the basis of their growth rate not their earnings. If their growth is threatened (enter alibaba) their stock price crashes. if it crashes to a P/E ratio of 30 or 100 then 90% of the stockholder calue is whiped out. Gone. Not transfered. Gone.

So what's your poor bribed congressman to do. Act on alibaba's theivery to save Amazon, or not?

tough choice.

Alibaba's stock price over the next year will be a race between their growth in value, and the trees Amazon and E-bay fell in their path. I predict it goes up for 1/4 then down in response to regulatory pressure after the elections. THen eventually back up if their revenues grow,.

Comment: Re:Websites have to be paid for... (Score 1) 192

by tepples (#47951443) Attached to: Google's Doubleclick Ad Servers Exposed Millions of Computers To Malware

No, agregation into packages is completely unacceptable.

Then be prepared to pay $19.99 per year for each website, even if you plan to view only one page on that site, because you are unwilling to pay for bundles of multiple sites. Look at 50 different sites one month? That'll be a thousand dollars.

Comment: GIMP, Ubuntu, Xfce (Score 1) 240

by tepples (#47948251) Attached to: TrueCrypt Gets a New Life, New Name

Crappy ones: GIMP, Tahoe-LAFS, Ubuntu, Kdenlive, XFCE...

As a user of Xubuntu who brings out the GIMP at least twice a week, I'm interested in how you'd name them better.

  • What better name would you suggest for the GNU Image Manipulation Program? It "at least tries to vaguely describe the function of the program".
  • How is Blender (English for "food processor", referring to a 3D modeling app) any better than Ubuntu (Zulu for "humankind", referring to a Linux distribution)? Is it just that English is historically more prestigious than Zulu as a naming language?
  • Xfce (XForms Common Environment) used to be descriptive back when it used XForms, but it became an artifact title once Xfce switched to GTK+. The X part can be reinterpreted to refer to the X Window System, but then the F needs a meaning, a problem that it shares with FVWM (Something Virtual Window Manager).

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