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Comment: Re:of course the right defends this p.o.s. (Score 1) 254

by CanHasDIY (#49506255) Attached to: The Upsides of a Surveillance Society

Diane Feinstein believes that every American who isn't a cop or politician is a violent criminal who hasn't been caught yet, and thus believes that only cops and politicians such as herself should own firearms... I don't see any conservatives standing up to defend her...

I think what you really meant to say there was "why do conservatives always defend the rights of people I decide not to like?" The answer to which being, they don't, but that's the perception you choose to have based on your particular, subjective view of reality.

Comment: Re:BWAH (Score 1) 254

by CanHasDIY (#49505641) Attached to: The Upsides of a Surveillance Society

Many would consider taking actions that negatively affect another person simply because you've decided you don't like an options they hold to be a real asshole move within itself. So wouldn't that behavior warrant some shaming of its own? Or is hypocrisy allowable now?

If you had your career destroyed by groupthink I bet you'd hold a different opinion on the matter.

Comment: Re:This is fucking stupid. (Score 1) 279

More people have "fragile emotional states" these days because they've spent their lives being coddled and/or taught to respond to adversity by becoming a victim. When I was growing up bullies didn't say things on a website, they found you, beat your ass, then bragged about it to the whole school. Fortunately for me, my parents taught me that I was worth more than being some douches punching bag, and the important lesson that the only person who could control how I reacted to other people was me - besides, society isn't going to change because I'm having a hard time. Was it bad? Worse than most of the "whine about it on YouTube" generation could possibly imagine. Did I consider killing myself to end it all? Actually tried and failed a couple times to be honest.

But somehow I survived. Maybe its because I'm made of better stuff than other people, but that sounds. I ike self-aggrandizing bullshit to me. Rather, I believe it's because I realized that I was only a victim of my own self-loathing, and upon that realization learned how to have the confidence to stand up for myself in the face of, for lack of a better term, typical human dickishness.

Trolls (in the traditional sense), are easy enough to avoid - refuse to engage them and they'll eventually get bored and go bother someone else.

The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere, bread becomes hard while crackers become soft.