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Comment Re:wan port (Score 1) 122

If you plug your modem into the LAN port you're an even bigger idiot than the first guy. The blurb is wrong, RTFA it has two ethernet ports, one for LAN one for WAN. The article specifies it has one LAN port. Which is all a router needs.

So, which LAN port routes to the DMZ, if it only has one?

Comment Re:Where the choice for Roger Goodell (Score 1) 686

Yes, that's exactly right. The Republican party these days is nothing but a bunch of racist hate-mongers, so if you identify with them, that's what you are. You have to be an idiot to think that the Democrat party's platform is "socialist" anyway. Now go put your white hood back on; your face is ugly.

This, BTW, is an example of what the Left refers to as "tolerance."

Comment Re:"Drug Companies Seek to Exploit"!!! (Score 0, Redundant) 93

Drug companies have no intrrest in researching cures.

Drug companies are for-profit. While there is obviously immense profit in providing treatment for maladies, there is a very limited profit available in cures.

Thus, drug companies do not have any intention of curing anything. It would be bad for business, you see.

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