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how is it that Asians are any less disadvantaged than Blacks or Latinos?

There are less broken homes in the Asian community, and studies have consistently shown that children raised in two parent households have an advantage over children raised in single parent households, even after external factors like wealth are corrected for.

Of course, if you point this fact out, you're called a racist. It doesn't matter if you're a stodgy old white guy or a famous African-American comedian.

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by jfengel (#46818703) Attached to: Netflix Plans To Raise Prices By "$1 or $2 a Month"

I'm just saying there ARE a lot of people who really want that. I'm not one of them; I actually kind of prefer things "spoiled". (Hell, if I'd waited until Lost had finished completely, I might have skipped it altogether and had a few dozen hours of my life back.)

I do think it's a real part of culture to discuss TV that's on Right Now. Not my thing, but I can see why a lot of other people are into it. Perhaps fewer than they think; maybe a lot of people would be happier ditching the cable and getting Netflix. I think the cable providers definitely fear that.

But I don't get the hate for DVRs; people time-shift things a few hours or a few days and can still get in on the conversation. Yeah, if you let it go for months you might as well just wait until it's on Netflix (though a LOT of Netflix material is still DVD-only, and I still maintain the mail service).

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A belly landing on the tarmac would likely be scary and newsworthy, but there's a good chance that relatively few people would be hurt/killed.

The only casualty of LOT 16 was SP-LPC herself. The major risk to passengers and crew with a landing gear malfunction tends to be if there is an evacuation.

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by jfengel (#46818063) Attached to: Lytro Illum Light-Field Camera Lets You Refocus Pictures Later

You can't put a f/1.4 on this for shallower depth of field and better low light performance, or a 10mm wide angle, or a fish eye, or a better telephoto lens, or a tilt/shift for architecture.

I thought the point of this contraption was that those were things you could do after the exposure (except perhaps for the "low light performance"). Am I off base?

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by jfengel (#46817093) Attached to: The Science Behind Powdered Alcohol

They had the (dubious) advantage of having already been exposed to whatever was in the local wells. You get the same thing today: go to any third-world country and you'll get sick drinking what the locals drink. After that, your immune system will be primed to whatever they've got.

The worst offenders are the wells contaminated with human waste, which brings you whatever bugs everybody else has. A good well is deep enough to avoid that contamination, and you keep your latrines downstream of it. Still... every once in a while you'd get it really bad, especially in cities, where space for both wells and latrines are limited.

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by jfengel (#46816745) Attached to: Netflix Plans To Raise Prices By "$1 or $2 a Month"

It's cheaper because it's giving you second-run content. If you want to talk about the ending of last night's Mad Men or bet with your coworkers about who's going to win whatever reality TV is most popular, you need cable. News and sports are available for free OTA, but your selection is very limited.

Cable gets to charge a premium price, even with commercials, because the traffic will bear it to have that content right now.

If you're willing to wait to know how Lost turned out until a year after everybody else (like I am), Netflix is indeed a bargain compared to cable. Its back catalog makes it even more valuable, though for me at least it didn't take all that long to see everything I wanted to see. Plus the lack of commercials. But if you're like a lot of people, access to current content is worth paying the price.

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by jfengel (#46815945) Attached to: Reinventing the Axe

It's a lot more fun when you're splitting a few logs for a long weekend. It's a lot less fun when you're doing cord after cord for a whole winter!

As they say, a wood stove keeps you warm so many ways: once when you cut it, then when you haul it, then when you stack it...

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This all sounds very very similar to the whole BitKeeper fiasco, where Andrew Tridgell watched the traffic between a real BitKeeper client and the server in order to determine the procotol used, with an eye to creating an open source client.

BitKeeper found out and withdrew the free client licences, which was a problem since the Linux kernel project used BitKeeper at the time - due to Trudgells involvement, BitKeeper refused to supply gratis licenses to anyone working for OSDL, which included Linus Torvalds...

The shitstorm that ensued resulted in Linus starting the Git project.

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