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Comment: Re:Start menu usage dropped in lieu of what? (Score 1) 257

I have LibreOffice installed on one of my systems, and it has always been unhelpful about how it works with the task bar on Windows 7. I don't know what they're doing wrong, but nothing works quite right with either the task bar or jump lists.

LibreOffice is, however, the only one of 20+ pinned applications on the system that has this problem. I don't know whether OpenOffice has the same problem, but if so, I'd say it's an anomaly.

Comment: Re:Fork less! Patch More! Now is the time to MERGE (Score 1) 257

I don't have a strong opinion on the management and practicalities of Linux itself; clearly Linux is already stable enough to run useful software on it, because servers all over the world are doing it today. But any operating system, no matter how good, has little value unless there is software to run on it. Right now, you simply can't buy a lot of serious professional software to run on Linux, and the open source equivalents to things like Excel and Photoshop don't cut it.

Comment: Re:How important is that at this point? (Score 1) 166

by LWATCDR (#48030111) Attached to: Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks

I think you are going too far the other way. GIMP on windows and Linux are not bad at all. GIMP on OS/X is really hard to use probably because GTK for OSX really lags GTK for windows.

GIMP is good enough for a lot of people and it is much more powerful than photoshop elements.
If you need Photoshop then you need Photoshop. Gimp is a really powerful program and not terrible to use but it is not Photoshop.

Comment: Re:What about legitimate uses? (Score 1) 192

by fyngyrz (#48029669) Attached to: CEO of Spyware Maker Arrested For Enabling Stalkers

the current administration has done more than any previous administration to expand it's[sic] intrusive power

No, sorry. Nothing's been done during Obama's terms that even remotely compare with the instantiation of the PATRIOT act and the TSA as far as harmful changes to the previously existing state of affairs by the government.

And then during Obama's terms, we've seen the drug war lighten up on marijuana, we've seen expansions of gay rights, we've seen increased rights and capabilities for consumers and less for credit card companies, access to Cuba has opened up, private sector spaceflight has been encouraged...

Obama's got his warts, all right -- constitutionally speaking, the man seems to be insane -- but on the scale of making life worse for all of us, he's done nothing even close, singly or in aggregate, to measuring up to the Bush/Cheney administration's insults to the body politic.

Comment: Re:Chromecast (Score 1) 95

I'm not sure you can save anything with a dumb TV any more. These features are so cheap that they're being replicated by a $25 stick. Adding at least basic "smart" features is kind of a no-brainer for the manufacturer.

Too bad they suck at it. At least, in my experience: the built-in version of Netflix on my TV is so bad that I bought a Roku. It's a few years old, and maybe they've improved it since then, but on mine it's slow and awkward. Perhaps in the future they'll just spend $25 and wire in one of these things.

Comment: Re:No he didn't (Score 1) 205

Now they've gone back to trying to just blow the plane up. It's not impossible to get explosives past security, but they've resorted to complex ways to hide them, and they seem to suck at it. They get derogatory names like the Shoe Bomber and the Underwear Bomber because they failed.

Their incompetence suggests that they were individuals rather than concerted efforts, as the 9/11 hijackers were. Those were coordinated attacks on multiple targets, and a fair bit of effort was put into training them. It's certainly clear that they won't be able to get control of the cockpit any more, even if they threaten to kill the passengers.

That change alone probably accounts for the lack of hijackings, though having to risk passing through even theater security also means the chance of capture, and thus potentially turning into an intelligence bonanza. So the core of al Qaeda seems to have given up, and instead of unaffiliated nuts going to Cuba we get unaffiliated nuts trying to blow things up.

Comment: Re:It's sad (Score 1) 402

by LWATCDR (#48028479) Attached to: Google To Require As Many As 20 of Its Apps Preinstalled On Android Devices

"without Google exerting legally questionable pressure on OEMs."
What? That has got to be the dumbest statement I have ever heard.

Google says you can use all of the Google services or none. You can use Android with no google services as at all like.... Amazon does.
Google allows the user to put on other search engines, It allows other browsers. It allows other nav.....
There is nothing questionably legal about it. Frankly it is about 1000% more permissive than IOS, WP8, or Blackberry.

Comment: Some pi with that? (Score 1) 95

Just wish it had some level of IR control in addition to wifi.

Consider a Raspberry Pi B+. You can add IR (or bluetooth), it's full HD, has four USB so you can add WiFi and other stuff, has a camera interface, there's a media player configuration to fool with right out of the (NOOBS) box, Youtube et al are all available over the web, etc... and it's pretty easy to move, too. HDMI cable, power supply, that's all. Presuming you've an IR or bluetooth remote working with it.

And it's all about as open -- hardware and software -- as most stuff tends to get, which is handy if you want to get all hammer and tongs on it.

Comment: Re:How important is that at this point? (Score 1) 166

by LWATCDR (#48028103) Attached to: Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks

Sorry but no you are wrong.
My wife has spent a lot of time learning GIMP, Photoshop, and Photoshop elements.
GIMP is much better than elements but is not as good as Photoshop.
She still uses GIMP for some projects and recommends it to people that are just starting out or do not have the money to spend on Photoshop but GIMP is not a good replacement for photoshop.
GIMP is actually a good tool and a great value for the price but it is not a replacement for photoshop. Your comments about lemmings is a good example of what is wrong with the FOSS community.

Comment: Nadella seems like a hype-driven choice for CEO (Score 4, Interesting) 257

They appointed Cloud Guy to run the show, at a time when Cloud was a buzzword. No big surprise there from a trendy board/investor point of view, but to anyone with technical chops that move went against basically every major strength Microsoft had left and played straight to their weaknesses.

Based on historical trends, I suspect MS get 2-3 disasters with Nadella at the top before he gets forced out. The difference this time is that now Microsoft itself can probably only survive 2-3 more disasters on the Vista/Win8 scale before it ceases to be a major player in the industry at all.

The worrying thing is that there is no clear successor, with neither Linux nor OS X having the application base to be comprehensive competitors to desktop Windows yet, while the average web app is still a child's toy in comparison to serious software (and often a child's toy with serious security and privacy concerns). It is possible that the 2010s will be remembered as the decade when progress in software development reversed and the industry became dominated by cheap, "good enough" software that left professional/power users out in the cold, though I have some hope that OS X and the relatively polished, diverse and sometimes disruptive applications running on it will take over before all is lost.

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