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Comment: Re:This is not a religious problem. (Score 1) 392

The hard-line Jewish extremists want to take over the whole of "Eretz Yisrael." They are not interested in subjugating the entire world.

They may or may not be interested in "subjugating the entire world", but they do appear to have managed to influence governments in many places. Such that it can be very important that a politican support "Israel". Sometimes even more so than the US, Germany, UK, Australia, etc.
How is this not a form of "subjugation"?

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Personally, I consider it incredibly sad that of all the people on the planet, of all the countries and governments on this planet... Hell, if there was ONE people, one government, one country that should KNOW for a fact that the whole crap doesn't work out and that it can only lead to destruction...

It wouldn't be the first time that an "oppressed people" turn out to be just as bad themselves given the opportunity.
However politically correct the question might be it needs to be asked why should one group of people seem to find themselves at odds with many other groups of people.

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More like....lies repeated by those who are useful fools at best and racists at worst. The storyline put forth goes like so: this all started when Hamas kidnapped three teenagers and then killed them in June. Israel launched a search and rescue mission, and Hamas responded by firing rockets.

The Israeli line is now "Everything is the fault of Hamas.", it used to be "Everything is the fault of the PLO."

Despite being pretty damned sure they were all dead - you can hear gunshots over one of the teens cell phones and the car was soon found full of blood and bullet casings - they spent weeks arresting Palestinians and bulldozing homes in Gaza for a kidnapping in the West Bank even after the Palestinian Authority was helping search for the missing teens.

Similarly you have israeli claims that Hamas was firing missiles from Lebanon. Something which is incredibly unlikely for several reasons.

And even Israeli outlets admit that rockets were only fired in response to IDF attacks:

The Israeli press often seems more likely to give an accurate account of what's actually going on. A similiar "oddity" is that the Israeli government often gets more united support from foreign government bodies, most notably the US Congress, than from the Kenesset.

Comment: Re:Scale and proportion. (Score 1) 392

That "handful of pesky terrorists" happen to be the elected Palestinian government. This is what happens when people elect terror organizations as their representatives...

Yet, interesting, that argument does not get applied to Likud. In another part of the world Sinn Féin is now treated as a regular politican party by London and Dublin.
As with the term "terrorist" itself acceptance of political parties founded by terrorists is highly political.

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The problem is that the moment you don't blindly side with Israelis you are labeled as racist nazi sympathizer.

Ignoring the irony of some of the things which IDF officers have come out with.
Actually the usual retoric is along the lines that "Zionism" is the same thing as "Judeism". A non "Jew" is "anti-semitic" for saying anything against Israel. A "Jew" who does is "self hating".

Comment: Re:Should Hate be left alone? (Score 1) 392

The problem with most of these comments is that they are vile and hate-filled toward not just a country, but an entire religion.

There dosn't appear to be any way to independently verify what proportion of comments might be being "blocked", "removed", "moderated", etc from a blog attached to a French newspaper. Never mind what the content of such comments may or may not actually be.

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by mpe (#47547907) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine
The civilian plane would have a radar transponder that said "Hi, I am Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17".

That's if you send the plane a MODE-S interrogation. Otherwise all you will get is altitude, MODE-3A and a 12 bit number, MODE-3C.
Since the rebels had no planes of their own and apparently assumed that the area was closed to civilian traffic they may have completly ignored SSR returns.
Working out what is being targeted turns out to be the hardest part of operating such a SAM system. Especially if all you have is the TEL... Even with the additional radar and control room the system is likely to be far more less sophisticated than a Ticonderoga-class cruiser.

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Meanwhile, someone who isn't Google and doesn't have offices in the EU will surely make up a page of links to this information. If the page generates traffic, someone will pay for add space there.

And then the next logical step is for the EU to impose some sort of sanctions on the infrastructure and payment services involved if any of them have any connection to the EU -- just as the US government has done with things like DNS and payment services that are conveniently within its jurisdiction.

I'm not sure I like where this is all going. I'm sure we can all agree that overall the Internet has been a great advance for humanity, and in recent years governments from all over the world have presumed to carve it up and control it in their own interests, almost invariably to the detriment of people somewhere else (or, in some cases, their own people).

However, we are going to have to confront some difficult philosophical and ethical differences sooner or later, because clearly we also can't have a situation where the Internet is somehow above the law, but we don't always agree on what that law should be. Frankly, the US government have been throwing their own weight around for years, and Google have been doing things that push the boundaries of typical European legal and ethical standards for a long time too. Neither has shown any particular concern or remorse about the effects of their actions abroad, and neither has suffered any significant negative consequences so far, with the possible exception of the Snowden fallout. Sooner or later the rest of the world was going to push back.

In as much as this marks a change in the general acceptance that the US can export its laws and ethics but won't be subject to anyone else's, that is probably a good direction to move in. It will force the issues of Internet governance and extra-territorial law enforcement into the open, where at least we can scrutinise and debate them honestly, instead of everyone's government doing sneaky things often without much public scrutiny and often because of coincidences involving which infrastructure happened to fall somewhere they could get at it.

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by fyngyrz (#47539203) Attached to: Soccer Superstar Plays With Very Low Brain Activity

That translated into martial arts is roughly the equivalent of a 4th DAN, but for that you need longer due to 'regulations regarding examinations', waiting periods between 2 examinations.

Depends on the martial art. The most modern practice recognizes natural talent while incorporating considerable traditional technique; I assure you, everyone does not walk into their first day of training on an equal basis -- I've been teaching for decades and I think I've seen about every level of beginner skill there is. Some people are simply gifted. Certainly from there on in we see the difference between the shows-up-once-a-week and the person who seems to be there every hour they can possibly manage.

Also, more on topic, I can definitely assure anyone who is curious that you're not doing high level thinking when executing advanced martial arts techniques.

All you really need to do to understand this is think about bike riding. When you learn, you learn, you think like crazy. Which does you very little good. But eventually, you internalize the process (that's what I call it, anyway) and you can do it while carrying on a conversation with someone else, paying almost no attention at all to the activity of riding the bike. Those near-instant balance corrections, the precise amount of handlebar control and lean for cornering, all of that comes from "underneath." Same thing for advanced MA.

That whole business about finding your calm center and holding it -- that's a real thing. If you start thinking under threat or pressure, your performance will drop like a stone. The best technique comes from a relaxed, centered condition, accepting of whatever comes.

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