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Comment Thoughts from Energy's Digital Director (Score 2) 111

We’re always looking for ways to improve and I appreciate hearing the concerns outlined in this article and comments.

In fact, after this article flagged concerns about searching the site, we started working to change the search functionality on the homepage of to default to global search. Currently, the search defaults to within the top-level pages and doesn’t include results from all the subsites within the platform unless you indicate as such. For example, when I search for "Hanford" on, I get 20 results. However, when I select “search all of” the results increase to 254 items.

While we are incredibly proud of the new platform, there are Energy Department program office websites and subsequent documents that just aren’t on the platform yet. In order to improve the availability and transparency of our information, we’re currently in the process of migrating the remaining program office content into the system (including the Office of Legacy Management’s website and documents) – but this process takes some time.

It’s no secret: the federal government has a pdf problem. And at, we’re striving each day to make it better. We’d love feedback on how to do so. Feel free to share your ideas here: Contact Us

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