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Comment Not are reboot. (Score 0) 137

As people who actually kept up with the move knows ... it is not a reboot. It is actually 4.It went back to the first island from the first movie, and even have 2 characters from that movie (the dr, and the t-rex). Continuation and all. You would think people on Slashdot would know that...

Comment No problem (Score -1) 271

Perl is looked at like Natural and Cobol. Companies who hire people who know that are REALLY REALLY OLD (or new and really really DUMB). It's only good for maintaining until the system is rewritten in a proper language. You got to learn some modern (say, last 20 years) language. Besides, since you have 2 months of income left, and you should have at least a year of income in savings... you have time.

Let's organize this thing and take all the fun out of it.