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Comment: Re:Exactly this. (Score 2) 294

I am in Alaska as well, AK Marc. I am in Juneau, to be precise. We have no shortage of programmers in this town. We do have a shortage of companies that want decades of experience and degrees. Both which are not needed to do the job they are hiring for. Then we have the public sector ... State of Alaska for example. They pay 1/4 the average wage for a programmer, shoddy benefits (the new federal health care is cheaper for much better coverage, but we can't get it due to the union (thanks union!))... Raises? What raises... 1% if you are lucky every year. And let's not talk about how they scam people out of their puny raise when you hit longevity. They are literally trying to get rid of employees then turn around and complain that there are no programmers ...

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